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Want to deregister your company but not sure where to start? Find out how voluntary deregistration through ASIC works here.

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The PPSR is a national noticeboard of personal property security interests. This article will inform you what it is and how it can protect your business.
Our guide to the Australian Business Register (ABR): an online tool where you can access the basic information of any registered Australian Business.
Insolvency and Bankruptcy are daunting prospects for businesses and individuals in financial trouble. In this article, we'll outline how they differ.
Procedural fairness is the principle of fairness in the legal processes that resolve disputes. Find out what it means in this article.
Predatory pricing is an illegal pricing strategy in Australia. It is used to acquire new customers and damage competitors. Read our guide to find out more.
An ombudsman can help you if you have a complaint about a business or government agency. Read on to learn about the processes involved in having your issue heard.

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Some legal documents require a person's signature to be witnessed. So who can be a witness? Read our guide to find out more.
Not sure whether a contract can be terminated? Learn about two common ways of termination, repudiation and rescission - and how they differ.
Have you ever wondered whether there is a statute of limitations in Australia? Read this article to find out.

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