What is Novation of Contract?

What Is Novation of contract

Want to alter the terms or parties to your contract? You can do this with a novation of contract. Learn everything there is to know.

What Is a Strike out Application?

Parties involved in litigation can apply to strike out part, or all of a pleading. If it is struck out, it is dismissed. Read more here.

What Are Interpleader Proceedings?

Interpleader proceedings provide an opportunity for individuals and companies avoid multiple entitlement disputes for property they know they will lose.

What Is a Concise Statement?

A concise statement enables the Court to understand the key issues of a case without getting sidetracked by unnecessary facts or issues. Find out more here.

What Is Consequential Loss?

Looking to avoid paying damages for a breach of contract? Find out what consequential losses are and why they are important in protecting your business.