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Lawpath Product Update (April 2021)

Lawpath Product Update (April 2021)

Lawpath's product updates for April 2021 includes our new comprehensive platform tutorials, legal plans and 2FA.

28th April 2021
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April was another exciting month at Lawpath. We’ve introduced a host of new features and legal plans, but we wanted to highlight three poignant updates that we believe will add value to the person reading thing article.

1. Lawpath Platform Tutorials

This month we’re excited to launch 24 in-depth tutorials on different aspects of the Lawpath platform. These can be accessed here.

Ever wanted to register a company for the first but didn’t know where to start? Our platform tutorial will have you up and running in under four minutes.

Or perhaps you’re a seasoned veteran on our platform, but have grown tired of having to enter the same information into every document. Our pre-fill documents tutorial will fix that in under four minutes.

Regardless of what you use our platform for, or how long you’ve been using it. These platform demonstrations will be your personal assistant. Helping to make your legals simpler than ever before.

2. Two New Legal Plans

At Lawpath, although we’ve been running since 2014 our mission has never changed – we want to provide high access and low cost legal help to Australia’s small and medium sized businesses. As such, at the start of April, we introduced two new plans to cater to even more Australians businesses of any size.

Lite Plan

Our new “Lite” plan offers businesses just starting out with the opportunity to try our platform without breaking the bank

As a new business owner you may be struggling with the lack of a centralised location to store your company’s legal documentation. In response, our “Lite” plan offers access to view a comprehensive company dashboard, helping you stay legally compliant through services such as capitalisation table management.

Having helped tens of thousands of Australians establish their businesses. We understand that the cash flow is an issue – and that you shouldn’t have to break the bank to stay legally compliant. That’s why our “Lite” plan is a cost-effective solution to try our platform and see how we can meet your legal needs.

Legal Partner Plan

You’ve made it, your business is scaling up and you require an in-house counsel for legal work. However, you don’t know where to start. That’s where our Legal Partner Plan comes in.

Whether you need on-demand legal advice. Don’t want to front the cost of bringing on a lawyer internally. Or you require legal work to be done across multiple areas of compliance. Our Legal Partner Plan is your stop shop, bringing you around the clock assistance. Pairing your business with a panel of dedicated lawyers that will grow as your business requirements do too.

3. Two Factor Authentication

If Lawpath is completely online, doesn’t that make it easier for others to view my confidential legal matters relative to an in-person law firm? Well, Two Factor Authentication gives you peace of mind by adding an extra layer of protection for your Lawpath account, and all associated legal documents, quotes and lawyer consultations.

Interested in trying out the platform?

If you’re interested in wanting to try these product updates, you can make a free Lawpath account at anytime. Otherwise, if you’re interested in finding out more about our platform, what we do and how we can help your business get started or grow. Contact us today by calling the number below.

Ryan Van

Ryan is the Digital Marketing Coordinator at Lawpath and works across the Marketing team. He is currently in his 3rd year of a Commerce degree at UNSW as a Marketing major. Ryan's interests lie in the use of technology in innovation to enable greater positive impact.