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Lawpath Product Update (January 2021)

Lawpath Product Update (January 2021)

Check out all the latest features and updates for January 2021 including our new Document Library Folders and new Document Builder.

9th February 2021
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January’s been a busy month for us here at Lawpath, and we’ve got a lot to show for it – platform changes, new document features and exciting milestones to name a few. Above all, we want our products to reflect our customers’ needs and we’re always working towards this goal.

Here we’ll provide a quick summary of all the new features and additions we’ve made during the month of January.

Document Library Folders

This update allows users to create folders within their library to better organise their documents. Whether you’re customising documents to hire employees, set up your website or protect your information, these folders will help keep things simple and organised.

New Company users will also have a folder automatically created for each of their companies registered. When you have signed company documents they will also automatically land in this folder.

New Document Builder

The new horizontal builder & collapsible side menu allows users to see more of the document while they’re answering the questionnaire. Pre-filled responses and suggested answers make the process of creating Lawpath documents significantly faster and easier.

Some key documents

Documents such as the Licensing Agreement (IP) are useful if you want to grant someone the use of your intellectual property. Alternatively, if you want to ensure that person uses it in a manner that was intended and agreed upon by you.

The Letter of Demand is another highly beneficial document. You can use this letter to formally request an outstanding debt. 

Accessing our new document builder

These updates are all available on our platform for you to use now. Visit our legal documents library or log into your account at Please also contact support at [email protected] if you have any issues using our new features.

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Gopi Giri

Gopi is currently a graduate in the legal documents team at Lawpath. Gopi is interested in cyber law and future innovations in the legal industry.