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Create and complete legally binding documents with our eSignature tool. Start contracts, close deals and get paid without ever having to print again!

eSignature, the new way to sign and complete your documents

Ready to revolutionise the way you deal with documents? Our new eSignature feature means you can sign, send, and execute your documents more easily than ever before.

Fast, easy and legally-binding signatures

Documents carry no legal weight if they’re not signed. We’ve built legally-binding signatures directly into our platform so you can give full effect to your documents as you create them. Draw in your mark or simply type in your name to create a valid electronic signature and complete your document. You can also add text and date fields in a matter of clicks.

Send to others to eSign

You can send your document to be signed by others. All you need is their name and email address. From this you can designate which spots they need to sign at. Whether you’re sending a contract to a supplier or an agreement to a new employee – our eSign sharing capability will make executing your legal documents easier than ever.

How does it work?

Step 1

Upload/build your document on our platform

Find the document you need and fill it out on our interactive form. You’ll be able to preview what the final document will look like as you’re completing it.

Step 2

Use our script fonts or draw your signature

Choose to use one of our set fonts or draw your signature to add in to your document. You can also send your document to others to sign through their email.

Step 3

Save and download your eSigned document

Save your document on our platform and download it when you’re finished. You’ll then be able to access it anytime, anywhere.

Frequently asked questions

What documents can I sign using the eSignature tool?

Nearly all documents can be signed electronically. Some exceptions include documents relating to migration and citizenship, wills, powers of attorney, company registration documents and real estate. You'll know if a document can be eSigned as it will have an alert on it saying 'eSign with Lawpath'.

Can I upload my own documents to sign?

Yes you can, however we currently only accept documents uploaded in A4 size PDF format for use with our eSignature tool. You can still upload and sign a document that is in Word format by converting it to a PDF (available on most computers or via an online converter).
A4 Size Specification
Width: 595 px (Max. 630px)
Height: 842 px

Is there a limit on how many documents I can sign?

No, currently our eSignature is free and you can upload as many documents as you want.

What if I can’t sign my name using my mouse?

We get that it may be hard to capture your handwritten signature by drawing it with your mouse, so we have 3 standard fonts you can select to type in your signature. This will have the same legal effect as drawing your signature.

Can I change the name for my signature?

Yes, if your signature changes due to a name change or other reason, you can change your signing name with our tool. Simply type in what your correct name is, and either draw or type the name in.

Will I be able to use the eSignature tool on my mobile phone?

Yes! Our eSignature is now available across all devices. Legally binding documents are only a few clicks (or finger taps) away!

Can I use more than 1 signature in the same document?

No, for security reasons you can only insert one name or signature per document.

Will anyone else be able to access my eSignature?

If you are signing a document along with another party, they will be able to see your eSignature on the document once you have signed and shared it. Other than this, no one else will have access to your eSignature and your information will be safely stored and encrypted.

Is there a limit to how many eSignatures I can create online?

No, you can create as many eSignatures as you like. However, it’s important to maintain a level of consistency with the signature you use to authenticate your documents.

Can I use my eSignature outside of the Lawpath App?

You can upload external documents to be signed with our eSignature tool provided they are uploaded in PDF format. Your eSignature itself will however, live within the app.

Can I request signatures from other people?

Yes! You can request eSignatures from others by selecting the eSign or Share option. After this, enter the name of the person who will be signing and their email address. After you add the text fields to the parts of the document which need to be signed, it will be sent to their email inbox.

Are you ready to set up your eSignature today?

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They very quickly responded to my request - I needed my company registered by the next day, and got it done the same day!
Emma Gilbert

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Very helping and smart

Thank you i will surely come back to work with you

Dec 4th 2021, 11:45 am
John Madox


Sharon was great - really helped me to get a clear and protective agreement in place for my business moving forward - thank you sharon

Dec 3rd 2021, 12:00 pm
Clare Rosoman

Easy use and guidance through the document

This system easily guides you through the process of using their document. Unfortunately, you cannot edit the document other than the information fields until you purchase the subscription, but if you need something basic, then it is perfect!

Dec 3rd 2021, 2:00 am
Heidi Casey

Form is really easy to work with and very self explanatory.

Dec 2nd 2021, 12:15 pm
Brent Cage

Exceptional understanding and advice

Damin was outstanding. He got to the nub of my business quickly, asked brilliant questions and then made highly appropriate and relevant recommendations. I felt enormously comfortable with that advice by nature of how he probed through questions, and then landed on a pathway forward. I would not hesitate to use lawpath or his services again. Exceptional experience and personable service! Thank-you!

Dec 2nd 2021, 5:15 am
Paul Mills | Newtown, NSW