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A new way of nutritional consumption

Over recent years, plant-based diets have become incredibly popular. However, one pitfall of this is that consumers aren’t absorbing the nutrients they would usually get from animal-based products. Tim Gardner believes that he has come up with a simple but effective solution to this problem – Algae. This is why he founded ‘Has Algae’, a food and biotechnology company dedicated to synthesising and providing strains of edible and nutritional algae for mass consumption. As someone who is studying his masters in Agribusiness, Tim realised the potential that Algae had to improve the health of people worldwide, as a source rich in Omega 3 fatty-acids and protein.

For Tim, starting such a company has been not only the fulfilment of a dream, but his way of “changing the world for the better.” Tim’s own philosophy is that if people want to have an impact and create change, starting a revolutionary business is the way to do it.

Turning a brilliant idea into a viable company

Tim had the vision to introduce a healthier and more sustainable way of eating on a commercial scale, and luckily, he knew straight away how he would go about it. Tim knew there was a way he could save time and costs by using an online platform to get his business started. Tim had previously used Lawpath to register a company in 2017 and used Lawpath again to register his new company, Has Algae. “Speed and ease were the key factors that made me use Lawpath.” Further, Tim was also able to register a virtual office with Lawpath, truly cementing Has Algae’s place in the future of Agritech and allowing him to focus on synthesising the Algae for commercial consumption.

“Your company will be registered and ready to go basically instantly.”

All Tim had to do was fill out the online form and his company would come to life in a matter of minutes. The online form he completed was easy to understand, seamless – and fast. Further, Tim appreciated the support he was offered during the process. A Lawpath consultant was on hand to walk Tim through the process and answer any questions he had, making Tim confident that he was doing everything the right way. However, making his company official didn’t mean there wasn’t more legal stuff to take care of. Tim then became a member of Lawpath’s unlimited plan, which allowed him to create, customise and download all the legal documents he needed. “Lawpath had everything – email disclaimers, confidentiality agreements and employment contracts, which could all be drafted quickly and easily.”

“There is no excuse not to start”

For Tim, a platform like Lawpath means that there’s nothing holding back potential entrepreneurs from pursuing their ideas. “It’s getting so much easier to start companies these days,” says Tim. This means that the barriers between ideas and making them happen is disappearing, allowing more room for innovation than ever before. Tim himself is an advocate of the “just do it” ethos of doing business, which has encouraged many people to take the plunge and start their own business. Lawpath aims to make these types of goals attainable for people who have a desire to see real change in the world, without having to jump through all the traditional hoops that can dissuade many would-be CEOs and founders. Lawpath also wants to assist new businesses at every step of their journey, whether its hiring employees for the first time or capital-raising.

Meanwhile, Has Algae is making its mark in China and developing a strain of Algae which has great potential for human nutrition. It’s a full time job, and Tim no longer has to worry about how he’ll make sure his company is being legally compliant. Tim also hasn’t written off starting more game-changing companies. As for how he’ll make it happen “I will open the next, and the next and the next company with Lawpath.”

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Tim Gardner

CEO of Has Algae

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