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Setting up young people for the future

For Evan Wong, the founder of Hero Education, there is nothing more valuable than helping set young people up for the future. Evan saw that students preparing for the HSC needed more than just academic tutoring – they needed guidance, mentoring and inspiration. Enter Hero Education – a more personalised way of helping students get ready for the most important exams of their schooling lives. Hero Education works with students by running interactive lessons and ensures that no student gets left behind by running frequent catch-up lessons and exams. As Evan says, their mission is to “facilitate the creation of future leaders in social, environmental, and business sustainability.” It goes without saying then, that running a business which guides students through the culmination of their schooling experience needs to take extra precautions to make sure they’re complying with their legal obligations.

Building a valuable brand

Over time, Hero Education grew in popularity and we became well-known in the supplemental education market. “We’ve built a very strong brand over the years” says Evan. Utilising this to help more students succeed in their studies required more than just word of mouth or advertising. The team at Hero Education soon realised they would have to legally protect the brand and reputation they’d built. A big part of that was registering a trademark, ensuring they would still stand out in a highly competitive industry. Standing out in a competitive industry would involve more than just providing excellent service, it would involve promoting their brand and making themselves known to students, parents and communities.

Breaking cost barriers

As a law-school graduate, Evan has a good grasp of the legal requirements involved in running a successful business. However, Evan also recognised that there were some areas that required in-depth legal advice from an expert lawyer. Evan had previously registered his company on Lawpath and then used Lawpath’s lawyer marketplace to hire a trademark lawyer. “I found the whole process very easy and low friction” Evan says, noting that the transparency the Lawpath platform provided was also a big incentive. Beyond making sure that he’d found the right lawyer to take care of Hero Education’s trademark, Lawpath offered complete support to make sure Hero Education had all the legal help it needed. “The Lawpath team were also very helpful and proactive in ensuring that I received the support I needed, not just from the platform, but in getting all my legal needs met.” Hero Education’s trademark was lodged successfully, and they were able to focus on further building their brand, rather than tackling complicated legal issues.

“Having lawyers quote on projects creates healthy competition and keeps costs honest”

Although Evan had done a lot of the previous legal work himself, he also was aware that businesses tend “not to like engaging with lawyers because of the fear that it will cost them an arm and a leg.” When Evan submitted his brief to find a trademark lawyer through Lawpath’s lawyer marketplace, he could see and compare quotes from different trademark lawyers. By doing this, he was able to choose his lawyer based on cost-effectiveness, experience and the reviews left by previous clients. The biggest benefit of this for Evan was that he could “still feel like he was in control” and not be sold or charged for legal services he didn’t actually need.

A lesson in looking for legal services

Evan believes that the most important thing people and businesses can do when trying to find a lawyer is “to do your homework.” By doing this, businesses and lawyers can find an option that is right for them – both in terms of convenience and price. Evan’s not entirely certain how he will use Lawpath for his future legal needs, but in his words, “that’s the beauty of it”. By having a comprehensive platform where all of your business’s legals can be taken care of, you can rest easy knowing that we’ve always got an effective, convenient and affordable solution for your needs.

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Evan Wong

Founder of HERO Education

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