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Helping people understand their health

Health and wellbeing is something that people take very seriously, but all too often preventable diseases are detected too late.

This is why Amelia Thornycroft started i-screen, a platform where people can get access to the tools they need to promote optimum health. One of the ways they do this is by providing health checks where test results can be accessed and explained by medical professionals online. The aim of this is to take preventative measures to ensure people are as healthy as they can be and to keep track of their health proactively.

As Amelia’s business grew, she knew she needed expert advice on how to best reflect these changes in the corporate structure of i-screen.

“I wanted to work with a legal business which understood the need to be pragmatic and flexible”

Amelia’s business was growing, and she wanted to put it in a position to grow even more. She realised that her business would need a new constitution and shareholders agreement to continue growing, as well as remain legally compliant.

Amelia had previously used a lawyer who had been recommended through word of mouth but the experience felt “very cookie-cutter and not personalised to the needs of my business.” Amelia knew that the nature of her business wouldn’t be suitable for a one-size-fits-all approach and would need a solution that could be tailored to her business and where she had the freedom to decide how the work would be done.

Amelia soon found Lawpath and liked how she could specifically write in her brief what she needed legal help for and choose her lawyer based on what they could offer. Amelia was able to get a new constitution for her company and an updated shareholders agreement by hiring a lawyer through Lawpath’s lawyer marketplace. She was also able to have a preliminary phone call with an experienced lawyer and figure out first what exactly she needed the lawyer to do. This ensured that Amelia and her lawyer were always on the same page and meant that her business received the best legal help it could. Amelia had found a platform where she could easily access the resources she needed to make sure her business was meeting all its legal requirements.

Taking care of future legal needs

Running a business means that there will always be things that need to be taken care of, and this is especially true when it comes to the law. For Amelia, having hired a lawyer to review her new company documents isn’t where her need for legal services will end: “I plan to use some of the standard agreements for some of my more basic legal needs.” Amelia will be able to access more than 200 documents for all stages of her company’s growth, whether she’s ready to receive investments into the business or hiring employees.

“I wish I’d known about Lawpath sooner”

As Amelia’s business grows, she’s ready to tackle any legal obstacles she faces head-on with the help of Lawpath. Lawpath provides a platform where businesses can get everything they need to start and run their business. Whether this involves creating and downloading key legal documents, being able to chat to a lawyer on the phone whenever she needs it, or hiring an expert lawyer, this can all be managed easily online in one place. Amelia also knows that if and when she ever needs a lawyer, the Lawpath platform will be a great fit. In the meantime, Amelia can continue helping people manage their health in an efficient and simple way.

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Amelia Thornycroft

Founder of i-screen

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