What Is An Asset Finance Lawyer?

Asset finance lawyers assist individuals and businesses who wish to raise funding, obtain working capital or make investments. It is recommended you consult with an asset finance lawyer if you require advice on legal and commercial issues or tax and accounting. Asset finance lawyers will anticipate and mitigate issues that arise from changing laws and regulations and competition in the industry your business is apart of. It is prudent to contact asset finance lawyers who offer services and advice on the following:

  • Debt and insurance.
  • Finance.
  • Information about regulatory issues.
  • Asset financing.
  • Finance facilities.
  • Transactional funding.

Why Do I Need An Asset Finance Lawyer?

Asset finance lawyers should always be your first point of contact if you and your business intend to enter the asset finance market for business financing. Expert asset finance lawyers will advise you on asset-based lending transactions no matter what industry sector your business operates in. Moreover, Australia’s business laws are complex and not straightforward. This is why it is important to contact a qualified professional who can read, interpret and apply the laws to your business’ situation. Otherwise, if you fail to obtain quality advice, serious implications may arise that can have a detrimental impact on your business’ finances.

How Much Will An Asset Finance Lawyer Charge?

Usually, asset finance lawyers, and lawyers in general charge either a fixed amount or an hourly rate. Also, fees are calculated based on the solicitor’s expertise, seniority, location and whether the work is urgent.

We work with business lawyers in our lawyer network who specialise in asset finance and can provide assistance. Our aim at LawPath is to provide you with legal options that are efficient, affordable and tailored to your needs.

What Will An Asset Finance Lawyer Provide?

Asset finance lawyers will instruct and guide individuals and business throughout the asset transaction process while keeping their clients’ best interests in mind. You can rely on asset finance lawyers to help you along the way.

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