What is a Media Lawyer?

A media lawyer assist with legal matters specific to the entertainment and communication industry. They deal with legal issues including intellectual property rights, broadcasting, licensing rights and defamation law. Often, media lawyers will represent performers and television personalities by providing legal advice regarding their rights and interests when contracting with a corporation. Besides this, media lawyers are experts in intellectual property law, specific to creations such as music and other media works.

Why do I need a Media Lawyer?

If you are someone who is in the entertainment industry or involved in making creative products, it will be important to have a media lawyer represent you when you are looking to protect your creations or contract with media corporations. It is important that you are represented by a media lawyer if you are being signed to any entertainment corporation, as part of the agreement may include the signing over of your intellectual property rights.

How much will a Media Lawyer charge?

Media lawyers will charge varying rates. For most entertainment legal work, it is normal for media lawyers to charge by the hour. In some cases, media lawyers will charge on a fixed-price basis for intellectual property matters if the matter is a smaller application. In most cases, if you are an entertainer, the costs in gaining legal representation will change based on your status in the industry and the importance and time required for your legal matter. With LawPath you can connect you with the media lawyer best suited to your legal needs.

What will a Media Lawyer provide?

A media lawyer will provide expert entertainment and intellectual property law advice. Beside this, they have sound experience within the entertainment industry and will therefore provide affordable, appropriate and effective solutions for your matter. If you are a performer, personality, artist or other creative, a media lawyer knows the importance of your area of expertise. They will adapt a straightforward approach to your matter, ensuring your rights and interests are protected.

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