What is a Paternity Lawyer?

A paternity lawyer deals with disputes arising regarding whether a parent, most commonly a man, is the parent of a child. They will usually arise under a request for child support or contact. If a parent is requesting a declaration of paternity, the court will make an order if it is satisfied the relationship exists. To determine this, they will consider the parents’ marriage status, documentary evidence and living arrangements. In some circumstances the court will employ DNA testing along with parenting applications as evidence.

A paternity lawyer works within the field of family law and has expertise in advice and representing clients looking to defend or gain a declaration of paternity. They will complete the ground work including the filing of required documentation, any representation and organising DNA testing.

Why do I need a Paternity Lawyer?

If you are seeking to make a declaration of paternity or are someone who is needing to defend an action, you are best to engage with a lawyer. Paternity lawyers understand the legal process and they know the best way to argue your matter in a quick and effective manner. Disputes around paternity often end up in the court system, a paternity lawyer will be able to represent you or may engage a barrister for the process.

How much will a Paternity Lawyer charge?

Depending on your dispute, paternity lawyers will usually charge by the hour after an initial free or fixed-cost consultation. If the dispute ends up in court, there will be additional court fees along with costs associated with DNA tests and declaration applications. In some cases, the matter will be straightforward and will cost less, this is subject to how cooperative the parties are.

What will a Paternity Lawyer provide?

The goal of a paternity lawyer is to provide an effective and agreeable outcome to the paternity dispute. They will provide you general advice and will be able to answer any issues or concerns you may have. You should expect a paternity lawyer to advocate on your behalf in any court proceedings whilst taking care of any required submissions to the court.

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