What is a Redundancy Lawyer?

A redundancy lawyer deals with matters relating to the dismissal of an employee through redundancy. Redundancy occurs where an employee’s job is not required anymore, or business becomes insolvent, and the employee is made redundant. Depending on the circumstances, the employee may be entitled to a redundancy payment before leaving. If redundancy is not genuine, the employee may have a right to claim an unfair dismissal.

A redundancy lawyer is a lawyer that operates with expertise in this area of employment law. They will act on behalf of both employees and businesses to either claim an unfair dismissal against their client or defend proceedings from a dismissed employee.

Why do I need a Redundancy Lawyer?

If an action has been taken against you as an employer, it will be important to gain the advice of a redundancy lawyer. If you are an employee and think you have been unfairly dismissed it is best to get in touch with a lawyer. In Australia, there is a limitation of 21 days to make a claim against your employer through Fair Work Australia. Grounds for unfair dismissal range from discrimination, unjust or unreasonable reasons through to whether or not redundancy was not genuine. For this reason, a redundancy lawyer will be your best method of finding your strongest claims.

How much will a Redundancy Lawyer charge?

Generally, employment and redundancy lawyers charge by the hour. In most cases, they will offer an initial consultation, this will either be a one off fee but can sometimes be free. Charges by redundancy lawyers will increase the more time they need to spend on your matter. If the matter goes to court, the price will increase depending on court costs. However, lawyers will try to avoid this.

What will a Redundancy Lawyer provide?

Redundancy lawyers will use their extensive knowledge to determine whether a claim or defence is valid. They will inform you of the appropriate step forward with the aim of resolving your matter. They are experts in employment law and will take care of any submissions required and any action that needs to be done in order to enforce your rights and interests.

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