What is an Unfair Dismissal Lawyer?

Unfair dismissal lawyers primarily work for individuals and businesses engaged in the termination of an employment contract. Unfair dismissal is where an employee is dismissed from employment in what is considered a harsh, unjust or unreasonable manner. Scenarios of unfair dismissal may regard the notice period given to an employee is deemed unfair or a dismissal without appropriate grounds. An unfair dismissal lawyer will work within employment law focussing on advising either employees who have been dismissed or employers that have had a claim for unfair dismissal placed against them.

Why do I need an Unfair Dismissal Lawyer?

If you are in the situation where you have been unfairly dismissed or are an employer who has recently discharged an employee, it is important to engage with an unfair dismissal lawyer. An unfair dismissal lawyer should be your first point of call if you are thinking of challenging or defending an employment termination. It is also crucial applications are made quickly, unfair dismissal claims require a fast application because there is a twenty-one day deadline for dismissal claims, therefore an unfair dismissal lawyer will be the quickest way of making an application.

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How much will an Unfair Dismissal Lawyer charge?

Usually, an application for unfair dismissal will depend on the circumstances of termination. It is common for lawyers to charge by the hour after an initial consultation where an estimate of price will be given. In rare circumstance, these claims may have to go through the court system, in this circumstance, prices may rise dramatically.

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What will an Unfair Dismissal Lawyer provide?

An unfair dismissal lawyer will provide an affordable, appropriate and effective solution to your matter. Lawyers who work in the area of unfair dismissal are experts in understanding the solution you want. If you have been unfairly dismissed, an unfair dismissal lawyer knows the importance of the time constraints placed on applications. They will adapt a straightforward approach to your matter to ensure your interests and rights are protected.

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