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Guner Hussein

Migration and Commercial Lawyer
5.0 (2 reviews)
West Melbourne, VIC
Supreme Court of Victoria
First admitted: 2013
Commercial Litigation Law, Commercial Property Law, Businesses Purchase And Sale Law, Small Business Law, Commercial Lease Law... and more!
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Admitted to the legal profession in 2013, Guner is an experienced commercial and migration lawyer with a demonstrated history of working with a variety of organisations and individuals.


Over the years, he has been providing his clients with a piece of mind by offering fixed fee options for most of his legal services.


His expertise lie within migration law, commercial litigation, advice on business structures, not for profit law, sale and purchase of business, terms and conditions, privacy policies and retail and commercial leases.


Further, he has experience as an educator and careers counsellor, and currently serves on the board of various not for profit organisations and heads a human rights organisation. 




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Commercial Litigation LawCommercial Property LawBusinesses Purchase And Sale LawSmall Business LawCommercial Lease LawDebt Collection LawCitizenship LawImmigration LawNot For Profit Law
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