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John has  practising for over 30 years and is the princple of JFMLAW. John has always established strong ongoing relationships with his clients, and this is a hallmark of how we operate. We take the trouble, not only to investigate the legal aspects of a workplace problem, but also to understand what is vital to the business or organisation involved, so that we always handle legal matters in the context important to the clients.

As a group, our solicitors pride themselves in their ability to cut through verbiage and provide clients with clear-cut answers to sometimes-tangled legal questions. This saves time and clients’ money and enables all parties involved to get to the heart of a matter without the confusion or unnecessary complications that often accompany matters of law.

Some clients believe that engaging a lawyer for employment matters automatically means ending up in court. Not necessarily so. In fact, at JFMLAW, we always try to successfully resolve contractual disputes and other employment issues by negotiation and mediation. These measures usually achieve the desired results and preserve the reputations of all concerned without the glare of public attention that can surround court cases.

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