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Meeting challenges in the hospitality industry

Elena Sin knows a thing or two about coming up with online solutions to meet challenges in her industry. To meet consumer demand for chefs in the hospitality industry, Elena started Remote Chef, an online marketplace connecting professional chefs with customers. “Chefs require an avenue where they earn great money for their trade, and for their passion” Elena says. Further, Elena wanted to bring the restaurant experience to people’s homes. Remote Chef provides an alternative way of eating great food which doesn’t break the bank. Yet although Elena had a game-changing idea, making it a viable business would require multiple legal requirements to be checked off.

“When you are a startup, you tend to have a greater appreciation for value for money”

Having started Remote Chef from scratch, Elena knew she had to count every dollar. For startups and small businesses generally, budgeting wisely can mean the difference between failure and success. One area where costs can quickly get out of hand is the legal side of things.

Where Elena had previously gone to a local lawyer or asked for a referral when she needed legal advice, she got to researching whether there was a more sustainable way of doing things. Wanting to find a legal service that was suitable for startups, Elena came across Lawpath. “I was already a big fan of online marketplaces such as Amazon and Uber” recalls Elena. When she saw how the Lawpath platform could match her with an expert lawyer for a fixed-price, as well as help her get all the legal documents she needed to get her business up and running – it was an easy choice. “The fact that at a glance I can receive multiple quotes from across the country at my fingertips is great.”

Elena then also saw that she could get access to her own lawyer year round on the Lawpath Legal Advice Plan Plan. Remote Chef was then able to navigate the legal issues involved with starting and running a business, whilst having the time to focus on what they were there to do.

“I now seek more legal advice in any decision I make”

Many small businesses don’t get the legal advice they need because of the time and cost that’s involved. However, it’s important that businesses get across their legals early before they become a problem. Lawpath’s Legal Advice Plan gave Elena the ability to make unlimited 30 minutes calls to her expert lawyer, meaning that she can now be assured that all her legals are in check and ask any questions. Elena also loves how user-friendly the platform is, with legal obstacle not nearly “ as much of a headache as they used to be.”

Moving forward with confidence

As a startup, Remote Chef has the tools it needs to grow and make waves in the hospitality industry. Now, they can focus on changing the hospitality industry in a way that is better for both those and work in it and those who use it. “Although we are still in the early stages, I know I have already saved a lot of time and money” Elena says. Further, Remote Chef isn’t done with Lawpath yet and are secure in knowing Lawpath will be there to assist Remote Chef at every step of the way. “I will definitely be using Lawpath when we do our first round capital raise and for our company valuation” Elena says.

Having a legal service available for businesses whenever and wherever they need it means that businesses can have the confidence to pursue their goals without legal setbacks. As for advice Elena has for businesses who are just starting out “Sign up to the 30 minute consultations, use as many documents as possible, and use a lawyer whenever you want to revise something.”

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Elena Sin

Founder of Remote Chef

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