What is a Sports Lawyer?

A sports lawyer provides expert advice on legal matters within the sporting industry and on sports related matters. They offer a range of legal services to clubs, associations, athletes and sports management companies.

Australia is one of the world’s leading sporting nations and there are a series of rules and laws regulating all sporting codes. Sports law covers a number of areas of the law including contract law, employment law, competition law, intellectual property, criminal law and tort law.

If you are a sportsperson, a sporting club or involved in sports-related matters, it is important to seek advice with a sports lawyer. Our network of lawyers includes experienced sports lawyers that operate on a fixed-fee basis.

When will I need a Sports Lawyer?

As an amateur or professional athlete, you want to ensure that your contractual obligations are fair and beneficial to your interests. If you are a sporting club, proper management strategies and the implementation of procedures can offer legal protection. The following are a few examples of the circumstances where you may need to engage with a sports lawyer:

  • The formation and review of commercial contracts;
  • The formation and review of sponsorship and management contracts;
  • To put in place a scheme for the resolution of sports-based disputes;
  • To put in place procedures for risk management and minimisation;
  • If you are considering incorporating your sports club or association;
  • If you are club or association, the creation of anti-discrimination and social media policies;
  • If you need to protect your club or association’s intellectual property;
  • If you need assistance with licensing and merchandising
  • Any advice on the rules, regulations and governance of your sport;

If you are an athlete or a sports club, it is important to be aware of all your legal needs. Getting in touch with a sports lawyer will ensure that you have the right legals in place.

Why do I need a Sports Lawyer?

Sports law is an area of the law that is subject to a series of local, state, federal and international laws. Sporting codes can also be subject to a sports governing body that regulate and enforce the code rules. Without proper legal guidance, it can be difficult to understand your legal rights and responsibilities.

As all sporting codes are regulated by either government and sporting bodies, it is important that you seek advice from a lawyer with expertise in sports law. A sports lawyer can help with all your sports-related matters and ensure your legal compliance with all governing bodies.

What Will they Provide?

Our sports lawyers provide expert legal advice on any sports-related legal matter. They will also equip you with the right legal documents for your needs. Covering everything from, the formation and review of sponsorship contracts, the incorporation of your sporting association, and the resolution of disputes.

How much does it cost to hire a Sports Lawyer?

If you are running a sporting club or a professional runner, legal fees can be a costly burden. These costs can prevent you from making important purchases to advance your career or club. To ensure legal work is affordable our sports lawyers strictly work on a fixed-fee basis. We’ll provide you with fixed-price quotes from lawyers with expertise in sports law, most suited to your needs.

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