What is a Citizenship Lawyer?

A citizenship lawyer provides expert advice and will help with applications regarding migration and citizenship within Australia. There is a range of citizenship-related matters that lawyers will deal with; these include applying for various forms of visa and advising on a client’s eligibility, submissions and character applications. Citizenship lawyers understand all the possible types of visas, and they can provide general advice regarding the appropriate visa for their clients.

Why do I need a Citizenship Lawyer?

Most people will have a different reason for staying in Australia. If you are thinking of moving to Australia permanently, for a period or a purpose like work or study, a citizenship lawyer will be able to help. They can advise you on the complete application process for a visa as well as which visa applies to you. Their extensive knowledge of the application process is beneficial as lawyers know the most appropriate information to put into any of your submissions. As well as this, if you have had a visa refused or revoked, a citizenship lawyer will be able to help.

How much will a Citizenship Lawyer charge?

Applying for citizenship is commonly a fixed price, generally ranging from $300 upwards. This is because the government costs associated with the application are usually standardised. Citizenship lawyers will often charge above this and depend on the help a client needs with a submission they will charge more. In some cases, a lawyer may charge by the hour if the client requires consultation for more difficult matters.

What will a Citizenship Lawyer provide?

A citizenship lawyer will provide many services. Primarily, they will be able to complete the application process for you. In addition to this, they will provide general advice and can draft any submissions that are required by you for the government. Their ultimate goal is to provide a simple, time efficient and effective application process to ensure your submission has the highest chance of success.

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