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All Australian companies are required to have at least one director who is a resident of Australia. Lawpath's Resident Director Service provides a resident director for your company. Our team consists of experienced legal and accounting professionals who have a deep understanding of the needs of international companies. We offer a comprehensive service that includes company set up (ACN), tax set up (ABN), bank account creation, domain registration, IP protection and all other necessary services to help you launch your business in the Australian market.

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Business and Tax Registration
Ongoing Compliance
Bank Account and Domains Set Up

Legal and Accounting Help

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Fast Turnaround

Communicating with your director doesn’t have to be difficult. On our online portal, your queries will immediately be visible to our service staff and prioritised within our system, so you can ensure that your legal needs are met in a responsive, hassle-free and sensitive manner.

Expert Directors

Our directors have extensive backgrounds in various areas of commercial practice. They cater for issues both simple and complex, providing practical solutions tailored to the needs of your business.

Fixed Price

Hourly fees and hidden costs are a thing of the past with Lawpath. We pride ourselves on an uncomplicated and affordable pricing structure. Our Resident Director Service is fixed fee per year includes business and tax registration, ongoing compliance, bank account and domain set-up, and trademark registration.

Technology Platform

We help our customers not only to set up their companies and stay compliant, but also offer access to industry insights, AI tools trained on our legal databases, and automated documents on our platform.

Frequently Asked Questions

In Australia, under the Corporations Act 2001 (Cth), proprietary companies (those with names ending in Proprietary Limited or Pty Ltd) require a minimum of one director, including one who ordinarily resides in Australia.

Any person over the age of 18 can consent to be a director of an Australian company, unless:

  • They are bankrupt.
  • They are subject to a personal insolvency agreement or composition under the Bankruptcy Act 1966 (Cth).
  • They have been convicted of certain offences, including fraud and breaching officeholder duties.
Yes, as long as they are otherwise eligible to be a director (see the question above). This does not change the requirement for each proprietary company to have at least one resident director.
A proprietary company without a resident director will be in breach of the Corporations Act 2001 (Cth) and may be subject to financial penalties and deregistration.
A resident director is a director who ordinarily resides in Australia. Although there is no official legal meaning for “ordinarily resides”, it generally means that they are a long-term resident of the country with strong social and economic ties.

Yes. All directors of Australian companies, not just resident directors, need a DIN. For information about how to apply, see the ABRS website.

Our team of resident directors are all well-versed compliance professionals who understand what international companies need. A director from Lawpath can add credibility to your business, whilst also offering assistance in making sure everything stays compliant within Australia.

You might be thinking of using a local friend or employee to meet your resident director requirements. But we’ve often seen such people leave unexpectedly for various reasons, which presents a problem for the company. This is because they often don’t fully understand the responsibilities and risks associated with being an Australian director. It can also be awkward giving them the level of access to company records that a director would normally have. Therefore, putting your trust in an independent, professional team ensures smooth trading and helps keep conflicts at bay.

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