Used for: shelf companies and basic company registration


(incl. $469 Government Fee)

  • ACN Registration
  • ABN Registration
  • 13 Company Documents
  • GST Registration
  • TFN Registration
  • PAYG Registration
  • Complimentary .au Domain
  • LawPath Account


Used for: basic company registration with legal protection


(incl. $469 Government Fee)

  • ACN Registration
  • ABN Registration
  • 13 Company Documents
  • GST Registration
  • TFN Registration
  • PAYG Registration
  • Complimentary .au Domain
  • 6 Month LawPath Account


Used for: trading and active companies – everything you need to hit the ground running


(incl. $469 Government Fee)

  • ACN Registration
  • ABN Registration
  • 13 Company Documents
  • GST Registration
  • TFN Registration
  • PAYG Registration
  • Complimentary .au Domain
  • 6 Month LawPath Account


Used for: extended legal protection


(incl. $469 Government Fee)

  • ACN Registration
  • ABN Registration
  • 13 Company Documents
  • GST Registration
  • TFN Registration
  • PAYG Registration
  • Complimentary .au Domain
  • 12 Month LawPath Account

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does the 1 Year LawPath Account include?

The included 1 Year LawPath Account gives you 12 months free access to:

  1. unlimited access to 200+ legal documents
  2. discounted quotes from 600+ expert lawyers
  3. ongoing support through LawPath intelligent legal health monitor
What type of company can I register?

You can register a proprietary company that is limited by shares. This is the most common type of business and is virtually always the preferred option for small to medium sized businesses who apply for incorporation.

Who can register a company?

Anyone can register a company in Australia. The company must have at least one director who resides in Australia, and have a physical registered office with an Australian address (no PO Box). Additionally, all directors need to be at least 18 years old.

How much will registration cost?

Registering your company with LawPath only costs $499. This includes the standard government fee of $469 and GST.

Important tip: You can register with ASIC directly. However, we do not recommend it as they do not provide you with your company register documentation that you need to ensure you’re compliant. ASIC also takes a few days to process the application - it is quicker through LawPath!

How long does it take to register a company through LawPath?

Our technology is directly connected to ASIC. If your application is error free, the process of registering your company will only take a few minutes, once you have completed and submitted your application.

In circumstances where the application needs to be manually processed by ASIC, it can take up to 24 hours to register your company. It is, however, usually completed within 2 hours.

How do I get my ACN (Australian Company Name) and documentation?

Once the application is approved, which in most cases only take 2-3 minutes, you will receive an email with all the documentation that you require.

What legal documents will LawPath provide upon registration?

Once your application is complete we will email you the 13 documents you will require as listed below. Each of these documents will already be completed with the information you provided in the application, all you need to do is sign them as required!

1. Certificate of Company Registration
2. Constitution
3. Share Certificates
4. Blank application for Shares
5. Share Journals
6. Office Holder Consent forms
7. Public Officer letters to Commissioner of Taxation
8. Occupier Consent Form
9. Member Register
10. Blank Consent forms & Share certificates
11. Registers of Charges & Debentures
12. Resolution of Members
13. Share Transfer Journal

Do I get an ASIC company key?

Yes, you do. ASIC will deliver the corporate key to the registered office address you provided. The key is usually generated within two business days. It may take up to 3-5 working days, including postage time, for you to receive your ASIC corporate key.

Do I need an ABN for my company?

Although you are not required to have an ABN when operating a company, there are a variety of other reasons where you will need an ABN:
- Having an ABN and putting it on your invoices/website can make your business look more legitimate. It also provides an easy way for your clients to confirm your business by doing an ABN lookup.
- To register for GST or PAYG you will need to have an ABN,
- If the company expects to turnover $74,999 per year it will need to be registered for GST. To register for GST the company will need an ABN.
- Most applications (including bank accounts) will require an ABN in addition to an ACN.
- To register a business name you will need to have an ABN number for the company.

Is there a refund policy?

Yes, we have a refund policy and if there is an issue we will refund 100% of our fees. Once an application is processed and approved by ASIC the government funds are not recoverable, this means refunds are limited to $42 once your application has been approved.

What information do I need to register a company?

Before you go through the application process you will need:

For each Director or Company Secretary

  • Full Name
  • Residential Address
  • Date of Birth
  • Place of Birth

For each Member of the Company

  • Full Name
  • Residential Address
  • Number of Shares
  • The address of the location of the business, this might be known as the registered office or principal place of business.

    Don’t worry if you don’t have all of the information on hand, you can begin your application and save it at any stage of the process allowing you to come back and complete it at any time.

Can I use lowercase letters in my company name?

All companies are officially registered with ASIC in uppercase letters (e.g. SMITH CONTRACTING PTY LTD). However, you can still trade with lowercase letters as you please (e.g. Smith Contracting Pty Ltd).

I am a sole trader and already have a business name. What should I do?

Enter your business name as the company name. PTY LTD will be appended to this name. You will be asked then to enter your ABN or business numbers (depending on when the name was registered).

What do the name endings mean?

All the name endings (e.g. PTY. LTD., PTY. LIMITED) are identical legally and have the same meaning. It is a matter preference which one you choose.

My preferred company name has come up as needing manual review. If it does not get approved, am I able to resubmit the application?

If your company name is marked for manual review and is not approved by ASIC, you will have to resubmit a new name. At this point, someone from the LawPath team will contact you with more information and guide you through the process!

I do not have an office yet. Am I able to use my home address instead?

Yes, you may use your home address as the registered office address.

I do not have an office or home address. I have a PO box address. Can I use that?

No, PO Box addresses cannot be used as registered office addresses. A registered office address must be accessible to ASIC auditors.

Can I change my address after my company is registered?

Yes. If you need to change your address in the future, you can do this for free in the ASIC online portal.

My registered office address is my home address, which I am renting. Does my company occupy the premises?

No, your company does not occupy the premises in this case. When asked for the name of the occupier, put down the name of the person who is on the lease.

I am forming a company to be the trustee of a discretionary/unit trust. Is this a Superannuation Trustee Company?

No. This question relates purely to Self Managed Super Funds only.

Can I change the company’s jurisdiction some time later?

Yes. You can change the jurisdiction of the company through ASIC, at a cost of around $306.

What is GST?

Goods and Services Tax (GST) is a broad-based tax of 10% on most goods, services and other items sold or consumed in Australia.

Why do I need to register for GST?

You need to be registered for GST to include GST in the price of sales, and to be eligible to claim GST credits.

If I have registered for GST before, do I need to register again?

Yes. You need to register for GST each time you get a new ABN, for example, when setting up a new company.

What happens to my GST registration when I sell or close my business?

You must cancel your GST registration within 21 days of sale or closure of your business, and may need to cancel your GST registration if you are restructuring your business.

What is a TFN?

A tax file number (TFN) is a unique nine-digit number issued by the Australian Government to help them administer tax.

I have a personal TFN. Do I need another TFN for my company?

Yes. Your company needs a TFN as well for the Australian Government to identify it when administering tax.

How will I receive my company’s TFN?

Your TFN will be sent to your registered office address, maximum 28 days after submission.

What is PAYG?

Pay as you go (PAYG) withholding is a system that collects tax from the payments you make to employees and businesses so they can meet their tax liabilities.

Why do I need to register for PAYG?

You will have withholding obligations if:

  • you have employees; or
  • you have other workers, such as contractors, and you enter into voluntary agreements to withhold amounts from your payments to them; or
  • you make payments to businesses that don’t quote their ABN.
What is a Domain Name?

A domain name is a unique name chosen by you to identify your website.
E.g. in, the domain name is “”.

What does having a domain name with .au at the end mean?

Having a domain name that ends with .au helps indicate to search engines (e.g. Google) that the content of your site is related to Australia. This improves the search ranking of your website for queries coming from Australia.

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