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Case studies

Autogenie needed legal documents that would protect them as a startup. They initially created a document through our platform and then requested that a lawyer from our marketplace review and update it. Within a day, Autogenie had received fixed-fee quotes and were able to choose which lawyer they wanted to work with.


“A fantastic service! Within 24 hours I had the advice I needed and was confident that Lawpath was the right solution for our business needs.”

Colette Grgic, General Manager of Autogenie

Scenic Cycle contacted us to assist with a legal issue that had arisen. They reached out to us through our marketplace to submit a brief and had a response from us within minutes. The brief was then cast out to the lawyers on our marketplace. Within 24 hours, Tom was working with his chosen lawyer.


“Submitting a request took minutes, and I was working with my lawyer the following day.”

Tom Sproats, Founder of Scenic Cycle

Lawpath helped the Qwilr team to revise its Privacy Policy and Terms of Service. Qwilr had engaged to lawyer previously to create these documents for them. As the business grew, the founders felt it was time to review these and have any necessary updates made. They contacted Lawpath to obtain a fixed fee quote for this work.


“Lawpath made getting our legals updated, fast, easy, and affordable.”

Mark Tanner, Co-Founder of Qwilr


My experience with Lawpath was great. The lawyer I was connected to was very giving in his time and expertise and my answer was resolved.

Alison Michalk, CEO

My company used the Lawpath service last week – and we have found a great lawyer. Really helpful and we have engaged him for some contracts and for ongoing work.

Simon Gould, Business Owner

Lawpath has been a big help to my company.

Jess Arroyo, Founder

Fantastic, really helped setting up our business.

Fred Kimel, Founder

Wonderful experience, I just need to remember to consider Lawpath more, I’m from the school of Lawyer as last resort, Lawpath will hopefully change my thinking which in turn should changes risk profile.

Trevor Folsom, Founder


As a business just getting off the ground legal was a necessity. Lawpath made it affordable, timely and easy to get everything in needed without hassle!
Hugo Bourne

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