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Jennifer Lawn, Halo Administration Solutions

Halo Administration Solutions organise the more serious parts of life. Whether it’s organising paperwork or documenting affairs and wishes, Halo Administration aims to make life a little easier in difficult moments.

George Payne, Narrativ Books

As an author, George Payne saw a need for an open marketplace where authors could self-publish books and connect with other authors and readers online. Not long after Narrativ Books was born. Read about his journey here.

Kimberly Gundani, Blossom Care Australia

Kimberly Gundani started Blossom Care to provide better accomodation and care for adults living with a disability, but there were many legal questions to answer when she first started her business. Read Kimberly’s inspiring story here.

Evan Wong, Hero Education

Hero Education provides a new way of preparing students to undertake their HSC. Not only do students learn academically, they are also mentored to give them all the support they need. Read about how Evan Wong was able to protect and add value to the Hero Education brand.

Rowan Fenn, Rise-X

Rise X is a new kind of marketplace that wants to facilitate a sustainable way of sharing resources. This platform uses technology to allow regulators, operators, and providers to manage work in a secure and transparent way.

Tim Gardner, Has Algae

Has Algae is providing non meat-eaters with a new way of getting all the nutrients they need. By synthesising and turning Algae into an easily consumable format, consumers can follow a plant-based diet that offers full nutritional value.

Elena Sin, Remote Chef

With the rise of online marketplaces, consumers have come to expect that they can access any service online. As Elena Sin understands, this should be no different for the food industry. This is why she started Remote Chef, an online marketplace connecting chefs with consumers.

Amelia Thornycroft, i-screen

Health is something that should be monitored proactively and efficiently. With this ideal in mind, Amelia Thornycroft started i-screen, a health tech startup which allows people to take standardised medical tests to keep track of their health online.


My experience with Lawpath was great. The lawyer I was connected to was very giving in his time and expertise and my answer was resolved.

Alison Michalk, CEO

My company used the Lawpath service last week – and we have found a great lawyer. Really helpful and we have engaged him for some contracts and for ongoing work.

Simon Gould, Business Owner

Lawpath has been a big help to my company.

Jess Arroyo, Founder

Fantastic, really helped setting up our business.

Fred Kimel, Founder

Wonderful experience, I just need to remember to consider Lawpath more, I’m from the school of Lawyer as last resort, Lawpath will hopefully change my thinking which in turn should changes risk profile.

Trevor Folsom, Founder


As a business just getting off the ground legal was a necessity. Lawpath made it affordable, timely and easy to get everything in needed without hassle!
Hugo Bourne

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Claire was fantastic, attentive and supportive in her approach. Enjoyed working with her and happy with how quickly things happened.

Apr 14th 2021, 5:30 pm
Travis Thomas

Great document but unusable in its free form

This is a great document, however it is completely unusable in its free form as the document has a watermark that can only be removed by payment. This should be disclosed before people waste time completing the document.

Apr 14th 2021, 4:30 am
Private user

Easy, great layout. Perfect for our small business

Easy, great layout. Perfect for our small business

Apr 14th 2021, 3:00 am
Private user

Responsive and sharp. Great to have on your side.

I've used ryan several times for legal work for my business and personally and i will keep doing so. He's what you want in a lawyer and he'll tell you how it is. Honest and reasonable with pricing. Only criticism is that he sometimes takes on too much which can lead to minor delay. Never been an issue for me personally, but he can be late in delivering on his own timing if he's juggling a few too many. Let him know clear deadlines in advance and he'll forego sleep to ensure he meets them though. Top bloke and lawyer.

Apr 14th 2021, 3:00 am
Craig_Syd | Sydney

Cease and desist document

This is a good service i've found it very helpful.

Apr 13th 2021, 12:15 am
Katie Bellenger