Bring your business into the future by creating a virtual office address

Having a virtual office means you can have all your documents securely stored in the one place. Add it to your company registration package in minutes.

Why do I need a Virtual Office?

You are legally required to provide an office address

When you register your company, you need to provide an address where all your official documents will be sent. Registering a virtual office means you will have a safe and secure address which isn’t where you live.

You’ll be keeping everything in the one place

Your virtual office will be where all your company documents are sent. The security of your virtual office means that you’ll never misplace an important document again.

You’ll be protecting your privacy

Your privacy will be protected by registering a virtual office with us. You won’t have to worry about your documents falling into the wrong hands or your privacy being compromised.

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How does it work?

Step 1

Register your company with us

Use our simple and efficient form to register your company with us. You’ll need to provide details such as your company name, officeholders and shareholders.

Step 2

Add virtual office package

When you get closer to completing the form, you’ll be provided with an option to register a virtual office. Opt in, and we’ll add the virtual address to your registration.

Step 3

Let us take care of the rest

After your company has been registered, all your company documents will be sent to your virtual address. Your documents will be securely stored, and accessible at any time.

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Get peace of mind by using our virtual office service

Use our Virtual Office service to keep your details private and also manage your company’s mail.

$20Per month*

Virtual Office

  • ✓ Prestige office address at 2/397 Riley Street, Surry Hills NSW
  • ✓ Lawpath manages all of your mail
  • ✓ All important mail uploaded to your Lawpath account for easy access
  • ✓ Immediate email notification whenever you receive a new piece of mail
  • ✓ Increased privacy on the ASIC register

* your company’s Virtual Office will renew at $20 per month (billed annually at $240).

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Safe and Secure

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a registered office address?

In Australia, the law requires companies to have a Registered Office at all times. This must be a physical address - it cannot be a PO Box. This is the address where important communications and notices to the company are to be addressed. This is different than a principal place of business.

What is a principal place of business?

A company's principal place of business is where the day-to-day activities are performed. When using Lawpath's Virtual Address Service, you will receive a virtual registered office address, which will be different from your principal place of business. This information is not published on the public register but is typically provided to your customers. This address will also be used as your mailing address for everyday correspondence, such as invoices from contractors or bills from your providers.

Can I use a virtual address as the director's personal address?

The Lawpath virtual address service can only be used for the company's registered office address. Australian law requires that there is at least one director that resides in Australia and for ASIC to register the company, you must provide the director's personal address in Australia.

Where is the virtual office located?

The virtual office address is provided to you upon registration. It is an office address located in central Sydney.

What if my business is not in New South Wales?

The registered office address and principal place of business can be in two different states. If you are operating your business from your residential address outside of New South Wales you can still register your company with our virtual office.

Why would I use a virtual address for my registered office?

If you do not want your home address listed as the registered office address or have been denied permission from your occupier, then you can still register a company with our virtual address service.

This service is also ideal for someone who owns their own office address but does not want to miss any important correspondence. We notify you each time you receive a piece of mail and upload it to your Lawpath account. This ensures that you are always up to date with your mail and lowers the risk of receiving a fine.

What is the Virtual Office 7-day trial?

The 7-day trial allows you to use our virtual office address as your registered office for your new company and to see how the service works.

What happens after the 7-day trial?

7 days after you sign up for the virtual office your card on file will automatically be charged $240. This is the total fee for 12 months use of our Virtual Office.

What if I do not want to continue with the Virtual Office after the 7-day trial?

You can cancel your trial anytime within those 7 days and you will not be charged. Once the trial or virtual office is cancelled all mail will be returned to sender. You will also need to change your registered office address to receive important documentation.

How I change my registered office address?

This change can be done free of charge with ASIC.

How many documents can be sent to the Virtual Office?

With this subscription, we include 7 free document uploads per month. These uploads will allow you to receive all correspondence from ASIC, the ATO and other government agencies - all the important mail for your company.

If you exceed your 7 documents in a month, you will then be charged $15 for each additional document received. To avoid any additional fees, we recommend using your email address or principal place of business for your everyday correspondence.

What if I want the original documents?

All the documents sent to your registered address will be viewable and available to print from your Lawpath account. If you would like the original copy, there will be an additional charge. Please send an email to [email protected] to arrange this.

Can I receive packages to my Virtual Office?

Yes, we can accept packages on your behalf. To forward a package to another address it will be the cost of postage plus a $20 handling fee.

How do I cancel my Lawpath Virtual Office?

To cancel, you must email [email protected] 30 days before your next billing date.

PLEASE NOTE: Due to legal requirements, Lawpath cannot cancel your Virtual Office until proof of an alternate registered office address is provided.

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