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Get up to 30% off your annual plan for a lifetime! (Ends June 30)

Employment contracts and documents for small businesses

A smart source to access legal documents for employment and HR.

Most popular documents for employment and HR

Full-Time Employment Agreement

Employment documents fit to hire full-time employees

Casual Employee Agreement (Casual)

Hire casual employees for your business easily

Contractor Agreement (Individual)

Easily engage with a contractor that’s not a ‘registered company’

Employee Handbook

Access all employment policies needed to set clear guidelines for your team

Work, Health and Safety Policy (WFS Policy)

Outline your company obligations towards workplace health and safety for employees

Work from Home Policy

Create a process for working from home

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All documents for Employment & HR

Acceptable Use Policy

Agreement to take Paid Annual Leave

Annual Leave Application Form

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) Policy

Change of Workplace Notice

Community Service Leave Policy

Confidentiality Policy

Conflict of Interest Policy

Contract Amendment Deed

Data Breach Policy

Deed of Indemnity for Directors

Deed of Release (Termination)

Deed of Release (Redundancy)

Discrimination Policy

Diversity Policy

Dress Code Policy

Drugs and Alcohol Policy

Employee Acceptance Letter for Conversion to Full-Time or Part-Time Employment

Employee Assistance Program Policy

Employee Code of Conduct

Employee Exit Policy

Employee Handbook

Employee Record Form

Employee Referral Form

Employment Agreement (Casual)

Employment Agreement (Professional Services)

Employment Application Form

Equal Employment Opportunity Policy

Expense Claim Policy

Family and Domestic Violence Leave Policy

Final Warning Letter (Unsatisfactory Performance)

Fixed Term Employment Agreement

Flexible Working Policy

Formal Warning Letter (Unsatisfactory Performance)

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