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Contractor Agreement (Individual)

The Contractor Agreement (Individual) allows you to hire a contractor that is an individual (ie. not a company).


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Document Overview

The Contractor Agreement defines and establishes the terms of the contractor relationship. This document is generally used to define a commercial relationship when working with a specialist, consultant, or freelancer on a contractual basis.

It is important that this agreement is not used when the person being hired in fact falls under the category of employee, rather than contractor. For more information, see Contractor vs Employee: What’s The Difference?

The agreement includes:

  • clauses on intellectual property;
  • pricing;
  • timeframe;
  • remuneration;
  • confidentiality;
  • insurance;
  • termination;
  • the nature of the services to be performed;
  • warranties; and
  • indemnities.

Use this Contractor Agreement (Individual) if:

  • You are engaging the services of someone as an Individual Contractor instead of an employee of the company;
  • You want to ensure that the company owns any intellectual property that is developed by the contractor for the company; and
  • You are looking to eliminate any confusion about each party’s rights and obligations.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A Services Agreement

A Services Agreement is commonly used between two parties, one of which will provide the service, and the other who pays for the service. Often these agreements involve key dates, rights and obligations, payment, IP rights, termination, non-solicitation and liability and waivers.

Non-Disclosure Agreement

A Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) is a legal document that restricts one or both parties from disclosing confidential information to another person or entity.

Why Do Companies Hire Contractors?

Commonly, hiring a contractor is ideal when businesses need to complete short- term work. Often, this work is specialised and requires the expertise and specific equipment that the contractor possesses.

What Are Common Services Hired as a Contractor

A few services for which contractors are hired for include:

  • Construction work

  • Writing and drafting content for a company, which are often commonly known as freelancers

  • Photography and filming

  • Web developing

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