Get up to 30% off your annual plan for a lifetime!
(Ends June 30)

Get up to 30% off your annual plan for a lifetime! (Ends June 30)


Our expert team of construction and business dispute lawyers offers comprehensive legal advice tailored to your project's needs, ensuring a cost-effective and commercially savvy approach.

The construction and infrastructure sectors are among the most heavily regulated in Australia. Whether you're breaking ground on new residential complexes, commercial buildings, or essential public infrastructure like roads, hospitals, or schools, Lawpath is here to guide you through the maze of legal compliance requirements.

Legal services for construction

Construction and Building Contracts

Preparation, review, and negotiation to protect your interests.

Dispute Resolution

Handling building disputes, payment disputes, and alternative dispute resolutions efficiently.

Tender Documentation

Assistance with tender documentation and responses, enhancing your competitive edge.

Regulatory Advice

Ensuring compliance with advertising requirements, safety laws, environmental regulations, and federal and state construction laws.

Privacy and Data Protection

Guidance on data handling and privacy policies to keep your business resilient and compliant.

Business Setup and Structuring

Advice on entity selection, partnership agreements, and foundational documentation for optimal tax efficiency and legal compliance.

Why Lawpath

Trusted Expertise & Comprehensive Support

Our lawyers excel in the legalities of the construction and infrastructure sectors, offering insights that can only come from years of experience.

Efficient & Timely Legal Solutions

Experience the convenience of timely responses with access to unlimited consultations for prompt, professional advice. Our technology-driven platform simplifies your legal processes, allowing you to manage all your legal needs efficiently, from on-demand legal advice to instant contract management tailored to your specific situations.

Comprehensive Legal Resources

Gain access to 500+ essential documents, including non-disclosure agreements, privacy policies, service agreements, and more. Customise documents to your needs by adding, removing, or editing clauses, and even incorporate your branding, ensuring your business is always protected and professional.

Affordable & Transparent Pricing

Enjoy cost certainty with a range of options tailored to your business's size and needs. Our all-encompassing subscription model ensures you never face unexpected bills, providing value and peace of mind as your business grows and evolves.

Here's what other construciton say about Lawpath

"Learning about what contracts you need before you start a job was made easy with Lawpath."

Jimmy Harvey

Director of SQ Welding

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