Get up to 30% off your annual plan for a lifetime!
(Ends June 30)

Get up to 30% off your annual plan for a lifetime! (Ends June 30)

Complete tax compliance.
Zero taxation worries

A tax plan that does the compliance for you, so you never miss a deadline.

Why use our Tax Compliance?

Prepared financial reports

Lawpath’s tax compliance plan does the preparation and lodgement for your financial statements. From cash flow to income statements, we got you covered.

Mandatory Tax Returns & BAS Lodgements

We prepare and lodge your annual tax returns and BAS statements, giving you a stress-free financial year.

Convenient Accounting Services

The tax compliance plan is accessible anytime and anywhere, even if you move locations. Always stay connected with your accountant.

How it works


Get your business covered today by adding-on Lawpath’s Tax Compliance to your existing subscription


After payment has been made, we will reach out to you with your new tax agent details & an onboarding session to ensure your business is set up for success


We will send proactive reminders throughout the year to keep you on top of your tax obligations and submit the required lodgements on your behalf

Tax Compliance


With an annual commitment

*The Tax Compliance is an add-on per entity and is only available to new and existing Legal and Accounting Advice customers of Lawpath. Only future BAS statements and business tax return lodgements are included in this add-on. Please refer to the full terms and conditions here.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Lawpath’s Tax Compliance add-on includes a dedicated tax agent to help with your tax obligations for a company structure. This includes annual or quarterly business activity statements (BAS) statements, annual financial statements, tax return, and annual year-end consultation.
Tax Compliance is an important legal requirement for every business and must be adhered to throughout the year. Fundamentally, it ensures you are reporting accurate taxation data to the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) on time.
Tax Compliance is vital to running a successful business. Firstly, it ensures you are running an operationally sound and legal business in the eyes of the ATO. Secondly, managing your tax compliance means you will have more data to determine whether you are making the right business decisions in growing your business.
In most circumstances, there will be at least an annual reporting requirement, with regards to your Income Tax. Additionally, if you are registered for other tax registrations like Goods and services tax (GST), Pay as you go (PAYG), and Fringe benefits tax (FBT), your reporting requirements will require additional quarterly or annual reporting to the ATO.
Our tax services provide convenient, online access to manage your tax and compliance obligations affordably, unlike traditional accountants. With on-demand support and a tech-driven approach, we streamline processes, ensuring efficient handling of all tax requirements in one centralised platform.
The Tax Compliance add-on is per entity to ensure you meet the obligations for that business/company. You will need to purchase a separate Tax Compliance add-on for each additional company to receive the included services.
The services included in the Tax Compliance add-on are only for future BAS and tax return lodgements. However, our tax team may be able to assist for an additional fee. Please reach out to see if we can assist.
Lawpath has partnered with POP Business, an Australian-based chartered accounting firm, to provide these tax agent and tax compliance services. As soon as you subscribe to the Tax Compliance add-on, you will receive the details of your new tax agent, including their tax practitioner registration number.
Yes, you will need to provide details of your business’s income and expenses to facilitate the preparation and lodgement of the annual tax return by our dedicated tax agent.
When you registered for your company/business ABN, you selected the frequency in which you’d like to report your BAS. If you are unsure, once subscribed to the Tax Compliance add-on, your new tax agent can find this information on your behalf.
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A tax plan that does the compliance for you, so you never miss a deadline.

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