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An ombudsman can help you if you have a complaint about a business or government agency. Read on to learn about the processes involved in having your issue heard.

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A summary judgment is a judgment issued against one party without a trial taking place. Find out here when a summary judgment may be issued.
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A barrister is type of lawyer who acts for clients in Court proceedings and general litigation. Find out more in this article.
When you declare bankruptcy, many of your debts will be cleared. However, bankruptcy also involves serious consequences. Find out more here.

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A notice period is a crucial time for you and your employer to prepare for your departure. Find out how long yours should be here.
Our post will give you a clear guide about what you need to know about minimum hours for shift work in Australia.
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Resigning during probation might seem like a simple process. However, there’s more to it.
As a general rule, signing on someone else's behalf is legal so long as you are authorised to sign for them. Find out more here.

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