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Our platform allows you to generate, save and store all of your business’s documents in one place. Need to find your shareholders agreement? Just log in. Need to update your company details? Just log in. Never misplace an important document again – just access it on your phone or computer.

No confusion - we speak your language

We understand that starting a business can seem like a complex maze of regulations you have to find your way through – and we’re here to make that easier. We don’t use complicated legal jargon and all our information is easily accessible in a digestible and clear format.

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We understand that things aren’t always as simple as clicking a few buttons when starting your business. For anything that’s more complex or unclear, we’ll match you with a lawyer who will help you navigate the process.

What we offer

Registered Australian Company

Prices start at $510 (incl. all govt. fees)

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✔ Fast and easy online company registration
✔ Australian Company Number (ACN) + all company legal documents
✔ Tax registrations including ABN, PAYG, GST and TFN(ABN)
✔ Add your own lawyer, accountant, insurance and bank account
✔ $10,000 worth of partner offers including Amazon (AWS), GoDaddy, Xero and St George Bank
✔ Live and on-demand phone, chat and email support

Australian Business Number (ABN)

Prices start at $50 (incl. all govt. fees)

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✔ Simple and interactive online form which can be completed in minutes
✔ Fast turnaround time
✔ Suitable for sole traders, partnerships, companies and trusts
✔ Live and on-demand phone, chat and email support

Australian Business Name

Prices start at $80 (incl. all govt. fees)

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✔ Seamless, online and interactive application form
✔ Free business name search
✔ Secure business name registration
✔ Ability for sole traders to trade under their chosen business name
✔ Live and on-demand phone, chat and email support


Prices start at $520 (exc. govt fees)

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✔ Easy and fast online application
✔ You will have your own Trademark Lawyer to ask questions and process registration
✔ Fast turnaround time and 10 years of brand protection
✔ Live and on-demand phone, chat and email support

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Take your business into the future by setting up your own virtual office.

A virtual office is a great way to keep your personal and business matters separate. Receive all your business’s formal documents and correspondence at a virtual office.

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Quick response to my request, easy to get access to, and reliable professionals. I needed my company registered by next day, and got it same day!
Emma Gilbert

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Free and easy first step

Helpful hints under the spaces to fill for my purposes made the generation of the document easy

Jun 1st 2021, 5:01 am
Mark Beatty

Highly recommended

Damin covered everything i needed, in a straight forward, practical way. Removed all of the obstacles i had, so i can now focus on solutions. Very pleased with the entire experience!

Jun 1st 2021, 4:01 am
Wendy | Brisbane

Efficient and great to work with

Was a great experience working with claire. Claire did not overcomplicate the issue at hand and was very efficient, practical and helpful. Would definitely like to work with claire again in the future.

May 31st 2021, 1:32 pm

Fantastic - super quick, easy and really free!

As recommended choice in their will kit reviews as being the best diy will kit as didn't dissappoint.

May 28th 2021, 4:16 am
Joanne Woodward

Convenient and thorough

Needed a professional sponsorship document and in a hurry, this site literally solved an internal pain point in 45 minutes. Highly recommended.

May 27th 2021, 5:16 pm
Matthew De Angelis

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