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Ensure your company remains active with Lawpath’s company compliance experts for just $169 + Government fees!

Why use our Annual ASIC Compliance service?

Stay Compliant

As Australia’s leading online legal services provider, we equip you with everything your company needs to remain active and uphold legal compliance.

Avoid ASIC Late Fees

Our service ensures you have your Annual ASIC Compliance completed on time so no late fees are incurred!

Zero Paperwork

Want to avoid the hassle of the paperwork? There will be only two online documents requiring your review and signature, we take care of the rest!

How it works

Follow these steps so we can take care of your Annual ASIC Compliance.

Step 01

Sign and Complete Form 362 to authorise Lawpath to act on your behalf with ASIC

Step 02

Upon receiving your payment, we will pay the ASIC fees on your behalf and submit the correct documentation to ensure you stay compliant and avoid late fees

Step 03

Once ASIC confirmation is received, your company’s Annual ASIC Compliance will be complete

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the ASIC annual service?

Each year your company is obligated to complete an annual review. The review is used to confirm company details and payment of the annual fee of $290 to ASIC. This ensures your company is trading lawfully and remains registered with ASIC.

Do I need to pay the annual fee?
Yes, you are required to pay ASIC’s annual fee to keep your company active.
What are the late fees?

The review date is the day you registered your company with ASIC. The annual review payment must be made within 2 months of the review date otherwise your company may be subject to deregistration by ASIC.

If not paid within the two months the following late fees occur:

3 months from Review Date ( 1 month late) = $87

4 months from Review Date ( 2 months late) = $262

Can late ASIC fees be waived?
Late fees may be waived in circumstances beyond the control of the company, such as delays caused by ASIC, a court order and records
damaged by a fire, flood or disaster.
What forms do I need to sign?
The form 362 is an ASIC form that authorises Lawpath to become your company’s registered agent. The company renewal package is a document that contains your company’s details logged with ASIC and a Solvency Resolution. The latter document needs to be signed by all of the director/s of the company.
What does ‘registered agent’ mean?
A registered agent is a person or entity that is appointed by a company to manage all of ASIC’s correspondence on their behalf.

The registered agent can process the company renewal on behalf of the company and make changes to your company’s details as required. These changes include updates to the business’s address and shareholders logged with ASIC.

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