What is a Tort Lawyer?

A tort lawyer is a lawyer that focuses on civil tortious disputes. Tort offences in Australia are common law breaches where a private individual sues for damage they have occurred because of another’s actions. Specifically, tort offences are found under headings of negligence, trespass, defamation and personal injury. As much of tort law is not written in legislation, the principles involved in proving a breach of tort is extremely complex and can be time consuming.

A tort lawyer will represent clients who are a party to a tort dispute. They will create your action or defence and will negotiate with the other party to come to a compromise. If needed, they will also present in court and may also instruct barristers to argue your case.

Why do I need a Tort Lawyer?

If someone has done damage to you through economic loss or injury, it will be best to engage with a tort lawyer. If action has been taken against you and you have received a cease and desist letter for a tort offence, a tort lawyer will be the best way to defend this action. These lawyers are experts in coming to the quickest possible solution. They will ensure your liability is limited and will inform you regarding the most appropriate path through the legal system.

How much will a Tort Lawyer charge?

As tort law is a time consuming and a confusing area of law, matters can take time. Generally, tort lawyers provide solutions on an hourly basis and costs will increase if the case needs to be presented in court. Tort lawyers do try to resolve most matters through negotiation and alternative dispute resolution, this process if cheaper and most tort cases are resolved through these methods.

What will a Tort Lawyer provide?

A tort lawyer will be able to advise you throughout the time straining situation. They will focus on devising a defence or action against the other party but will have the ultimate goal of resolving the dispute outside of the court system. Any court documentation, subpoenas and letters to the other party will be provided by your lawyer. If you have any questions around going to court or negotiating with another party, it is best you direct these questions to a lawyer.

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