What is a Summary Judgment?

What is a Summary Judgment?

A summary judgment is a judgment issued against one party without a trial taking place. Find out here when a summary judgment may be issued.

What is Sports Law? (2024 Update)

What is Sports Law?

Want to learn more about the off-field legal matters that affect Australian sports? Find out more about sports law in this article.

What is Novation of Contract?

What Is Novation of contract

Want to alter the terms or parties to your contract? You can do this with a novation of contract. Learn everything there is to know.

Can I Sue For Lost Opportunity?


Yes, you can. However, the lost opportunity must arise from a contractual breach, misleading and deceptive conduct or negligence. See more.

What Is a Mandatory Injunction?

A mandatory injunction is a type of remedy afforded by the Courts. Find out more about mandatory injunctions in this article.