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What do I need to consider when customising my LawPath Co-founders Agreement?

Non-Disclosure Agreement for Recipes!

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Infographic: How to choose a company name in Australia

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What is a Click Wrap Agreement?

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20 Australian Tools for Entrepreneurs

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Hiring Volunteers or Interns

Heads of Agreement

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Deed of Release

Protect Your Online Business with Legal Documents

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Thinking of being a Franchisee? – What you need to know

So you?re thinking of being a Franchisor? – What you need to know

What is a Franchise?

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The Patent Application Process

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9 months on, 2 weeks off

Termination for misconduct

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Uber: Sharing the Love; Regulating the Ride

Employees pay 7-11 Employers? An Impetus For Reform

Searching down under

Why Prime Minister Turnbull wants ?disruption? to be Australia?s new best friend

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Volkswagen: The Biggest Cover-up in Automotive History?

Currency War

IP Australia?s Trademark Facelift

Forecast: Low chance of ?Breezy? in December

What is a Limited Liability Company?

Summit up

How to use ATMOSS

TPG Partners with Vodafone – Should Telstra and Optus be Worried?

How to start a business with no money?

Battle between the makers of chocolate deliciousness

How to Enforce a Payment in TAS

What is Long Service Leave in Australian Capital Territory

How to Enforce a Payment in QLD

How to enforce a payment in VIC

How to Enforce a Payment in NSW

Enforcing a Payment

How to Enforce a Payment in ACT

How to Enforce a Payment in NT

How to Enforce a Payment in WA

How to Enforce a Payment in SA

Your Digital Privacy Is Changing Overnight

What does Power of Attorney mean?

Das not so Auto

Fast Tracking Trademark Registration

How to use ATMOSS

Westpac and Airbnb: love game or arranged marriage?

10 Points for Fox

Back-Pay Extravaganza

What is the purpose of Worker?s Compensation and Injury Management?

It?s a Bird! It?s a Plane!

Apple?s Patent Battles Continue

Political donations by property developers in NSW

Adidas shows Respect, Disney gets the Red-Carpet Treatment in China, and Legal Rights for Robots.

What You Need to Know About the Small Business Fair Dismissal Code

Can the Real Entrepreneur, Please Stand Up!

How to Start a Business with no Money

Makers of Swiss Army Knife Win Trademark Infringement Case

What Happens When You Declare Bankruptcy?

US Court?s Backflip on Amazon?s Special Ops Watches Trademark Infringement

How to Start a Clothing Line

We Could See A Legal Version of Popcorn Time Soon

How to Modify a Company’s Constitution

What are Your Privacy Obligations as a Business Owner?

What is a Memorandum of Understanding

The Rise of Social Logins and Privacy Concerns

Does Australia Require Corporate Tax Rate Cuts?

Receivership, Administration, Liquidation and Bankruptcy: What do they Mean and What You Need to Know

How to Create a Company Power of Attorney

Uber Likely to be Legal in NSW Next Month

What is a Model Release Form

First Test for New Site-Blocking Power

VW Plays Sherlock

What are my Ongoing Obligations as a Franchisee?

All Milk and No Protein: The ACCC’s Crackdown on Uncle Tobys for Misleading and Deceptive Conduct

Shine Bright Like a Li-Fi

Twitter to Predict Your Next Doctor?s Appointment

What is a Non-Compete Clause? (from Employee and Employer?s Perspective)

Why do I Need to do Due Diligence?

Scandalous Trademarks: Why Not?

Company Constitution vs Corporations Act Replaceable Rules

Five Things You Need to Know about Chanel?s ?No. 5? Branding Dilemma

Government Approves new Mental Health Reforms in Wake of Mental Health Commission Review

How to Check if a Business Name is Available

The Last Resort: Thredbo Loses Trademark Battle

5 Things You Need to Know About the Freedom of Information Act

5 Strategies to Resolve Conflict in the Workplace

Do you Need an ABN When Setting up a Website in Australia

Uber banking – Growing Uber Quickly into the Finance Industry

What’s an Executor of a Will and What are Their Responsibilities?

Tougher New Accounting Laws are on the Horizon

3 Things You Need to Know about CBA?s $80 Million Refund

Why You Need a Lawyer to Review/Draft Your Business Sale Agreement

FOMO: Do you need an offshore bank account?

The Roadblocks for Autonomous Cars

Don’t Blush Gayley – The Legal Side to Chris Gayle’s Pass at Mel McLaughlin

Nightlife Ease

Taxpayer guilty until proven innocent

Gambling on Gambling: Lotto-lands in Australia

Why you Should Reactivate Your ABN in 2016

Etsy sees women excelling in online business

How to Take Action Against Someone who’s Infringed Your Trademark

A Shifted Focus to Well-Being in the Workplace

Steps to Make an Unfair Dismissal Claim

Tweet it with care – social media laws your business needs to know

The Ongoing Patent Battle Between Samsung and Apple

What are ‘consumer guarantees’?

What is misleading and deceptive conduct?

Masters: How Ironic

Do I Need to Patent my Invention Before Crowdfunding?

?What Do You Mean? that Bieber may be disqualified from Triple J?s Hottest 100

What would constitute ?false or misleading representation about goods/services??

What is Implied Copyright?: A Guide for Business Owners

Netflix without the chill

What is Implied Copyright?: A Guide for Business Owners

How to start an Instagram store

How to use Your Copyright: A Guide for Artists

An Apple (product recall) a day keeps the doctor away


How do I apply for an Australian Financial Services License

What is the National Credit Code?

Lettuce avoid salad for health preservation


What is a Liability Waiver Form?

Cyber Criminals could Cyber Ruin You

How to Create a Cease and Desist Letter

Why You should use a Cease and Desist Letter

Is a ‘Partnership’ Right for my Business?

What’s the Difference Between a Partnership Agreement and Joint Venture Agreement?

What is Next of Kin?

Telstra goes SOS only.

What is Public Liability Insurance?

Fifty Shades of Fanfiction

5 Legal requirements when setting up a sports club

5 Common Mistakes Startups Make When Using NDAs

What is a Joint Venture Agreement?

How to Lodge an Individual Tax Return

What is The Role of Safe Work Australia?

How to find a good financial planner

What is a Not for Profit Organisation?

What is Occupational Health and Safety?

The Secrets Behind Snapchat

How to exit a Partnership Agreement

What’s the difference between a lawyer and an attorney?

Partnership Agreement Sample

Cease and Desist Letter Sample

Contractor Agreement (Individual) Sample

How to Respond to a Cease and Desist Letter

Contractor Agreement (Company) Sample

?My precious?? freedom of speech lost in Turkey

I’ll Have a Capp with 1 Sugar, and a Share in Apple.

How to Respond to a Cease and Desist Letter

Why a Lawyer Should Send your Cease and Desist Letter

Things to Consider when Drafting a Partnership Agreement

Rock around the Clock; Thousands March against Sydney?s Lockout Laws.

Is it Legal to Sleep in your Car?

Aussies Given The Green Light to Use VPNS

What You Need To Know About Workers Compensation Insurance

Workplace Relations Changes You Need To Know

What is a small business?

Can I Register a Trademark in More Than One Class?

How to Negotiate a Partnership Agreement

Letter of Demand Sample

What is Succession Planning in Business?

Tidal wave of piracy costs Kanye The Life of Pablo

Selfie Queens Excel at Mobile Banking

A guide to get Yeezy out of debt

How to Start your own Real Estate Agency in NSW

What is a Unilateral Contract?

What is Market Research and How to Conduct it?

What is a Bilateral Contract?

Is it Legal to Drive with a Broken Arm?

What are modern awards?

Riding out the new cycling laws

What does public liability insurance cover?

What is ASIC Form 484 – Changes to company details?

FBI’s Standoff with Apple: Privacy v National Security

How does Superannuation Work (Employee)?

How to Start an Online Business

Do you have to Specify GST on a Quote?

What?s a Merchant Account and How Do I Get One?

What is an enterprise agreement?

Services Agreement Sample

Business Sale Agreement Sample

End User License Agreement Template Sample

Formal Warning Letter Sample

Tax Avoidance v. Tax Evasion

Australia?s Journalist Plot in Conflict With International Human Rights Law?

White Collar Crime or Merely Risky Business?

Free Trade Agreements – Breaking Down Barriers to Trade

Enterprise Agreement vs Employment Agreement

Can your online reviews get you sued?

Fair Enough FairFax? Digital Distribution sees cuts to 120 Journalists

The Legal Side of Top 5 Celebrity Divorces

How to Change from a Sole Trader to a Company

Caught out on LinkedIn: Employee loses unfair dismissal claim after soliciting employer?s clients