What is a Tripartite Deed?

Deeds and contracts are two different forms of written agreement. A tripartite deed is an agreement involving three parties. Find out more here.

How Do Unvested Shares Work?

Knowing how unvested shares work is particularly important if you are issuing shares as an employer or company founder. Find out how they work in this guide.

What is a Bill of Exchange?

Exclusivity Clauses

A bill of exchange is a type of negotiable instrument. This can be seen as a kind of written ‘IOU’ that can be traded in exchange for something on credit.

What Is A Security Interest?

There are a number of different types of security interest. Read more about what they are, how they operate, and how they affect your financial affairs here

What Is Qualified Privilege?

Defamation cases are on the increase, particularly with social media. Find out about qualified privileged, one of the defences available for defendants.

What Is NewLaw?

NewLaw is providing more accessible legal services for all clients. Find out about all the buzz here.