What is a Business Finance Lawyer?

A business finance lawyer deals with the finances of a business, from maximising financial potential, through to dealing with finance related disputes. Lawyers that work in this field have expert knowledge in finance and account keeping. They work with businesses to ensure they are compliant with government and taxation standards. If there are any disputes with these agencies, they are available to represent you and negotiate a resolution. Besides this, they are experts in proposing ways to maximize finances. They also work with businesses that propose new products and are looking to raise capital with investors. They will manage these negotiations and ensure terms are appropriately formed.

Why do I need a Business Finance Lawyer?

If you run or manage a business, a lawyer with expertise in finance, in conjunction with an accountant, will be the best way to resolve financial disputes and ensure your books are running to their full potential. You will need to consult with a business finance lawyer if you find yourself in a unresolvable dispute with the Australian Taxation Office or if you find yourself with issues relating to super and other government requirements.

How much will a Business Finance Lawyer charge?

Business lawyers tend to be expensive, they charge by the hour and depending on the matter, can charge various amounts. Often, if there is a matter that needs to go through legal proceedings you will be paying for both a lawyer as well as an accountant. There will also be costs associated with going to court such as court filing fees and possible penalties.

When you submit a quote through LawPath, we’ll source you quotes from a range of expert finance lawyers. All of our lawyers work on a fixed-price basis, meaning you always know how much the process will cost.

What will a Business Finance Lawyer provide?

Business finance lawyers will provide expert advice regarding your business’s obligations and capital raising options. They will adopt a straightforward approach to your matter to ensure your interests and rights are protected. When needed, they will work with an accountant to ensure your finances are correct and adopt the most reasonable approach to to gain a solution.

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