What is a Probate Lawyer?

A lawyer that engages in probate law focuses on applying for a grant of probate in order to prove the existence and validity of a will after the passing of an individual. An executor of a will may apply for a grant of probate through the supreme court. This grant validifies the document and once obtained, the assets under the will are released legally to the executor whereby the executor will distribute them accordingly.

A probate lawyer is an expert regarding the application of probate. Probate lawyers work within the wills and estates field of law and will primarily assist executors of a will with an application to receive a grant of probate.

Why do I need a Probate Lawyer?

If you are the executor of a will it will be beneficial to engage with a probate lawyer. A grant of probate is not always required and by employing a probate lawyer, they will be able to determine if your circumstances require their assistance. Time is also a relevant factor, for most states the timeframe to apply for a grant will be limited at 6 months to a year, a probate lawyer understands this and can efficiently send through the application with the correct details. Besides this, in some circumstances an application may be contested. In this scenario it will be crucial to employ a probate lawyer to ensure the application gives expression to true intention of the will.

How much will a Probate Lawyer charge?

Like most wills and estate lawyers, probate lawyers will usually charge for the amount of time they spend on your application. This is subject to the detail required in the application that is usually impacted by the detail and number of assets in the will. In some circumstances, because of the standard application through the supreme court, probate lawyers will charge at a fixed-price throughout the legal processes.

LawPath only works with lawyers that provide probate application advice on a fixed-price basis. This ensures the pricing you receive is transparent and affordable. We provide our customers with a range of fixed-price quotes from our lawyer network to ensure you receive a probate lawyer at an affordable price.

What will a Probate Lawyer provide?

A probate lawyer will provide a simple, time efficient and effective application process. Using their extensive knowledge in the wills and estates field, they will provide advice regarding the application for a grant of probate and the time frames that executors should expect for a successful application.

When you submit a quote through LawPath, we’ll source you quotes from a range of expert probate law experts. All of our lawyers work on a fixed-price basis, meaning you always know how much the process will cost.

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