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Steve Davey

Managing Director, Stellar IP Law
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Surfers Paradise, QLD
High Court of Australia, Supreme Court of Queensland
Intellectual Property Law, Copyright Law, Patent Law, Trademarks Law, Commercial Law... and more!
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I completed a combined degree in Physics and Law in 2005 and was admitted as a Solicitor in 2006. 

I completed a Masters of Intellectual Property in 2010 to become a Patent and Trade Mark Attorney.

As a lawyer, I gained experience in Federal Court litigation in relation to patent, trade mark and design infringement.

As a patent attorney, I have been responsible for the preparation of hundreds of patent applications for mechanical and software inventions and prosecuted those applications to grant.

As a trade mark attorney, I managed a large trade mark practice. 

As an inventor, I developed and patented software for automated trade mark monitoring which I called VISIMARK®.  The software notifies me if a trade mark application is filed which conflicts with a prior application or registration.  

The software monitored approximately 100,000 trade marks in the carriage of firms within the corporate group of IPH Limited.  These firms include (1) Spruson & Ferguson Sydney, (2) Spruson & Ferguson Melbourne (formerly Corrs Chambers Westgarth Melbourne), (3) Cullens, (4) Fisher Adams Kelly Callinans and (5) Pizzeys.

I received a patent royalty fee from IPH Limited, which enabled me to start my own law firm, Stellar IP Pty Ltd.

I am the Managing Director of Visimark Pty Ltd, which commercializes my monitoring software (see 

I am the Managing Director of Reinclonation Pty Ltd, which provides animal cloning services (see   I am also a part owner of a horse stud called Catalina Stud Pty Ltd, which has horses and stables used during the horse cloning and IVF process.

I also wrote script for a TV series set during the Crusades period with Adjunct Professor Jeffery Butz of Penn State University (see which was optioned to Associated Producers Ltd of Canada (which regularly makes film productions with James Cameron).

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