What is a Strata Lawyer?

A strata lawyer has expert knowledge in legal matters related to high-rise, multi-dwelling and mixed use buildings. Any building that is set up under strata legislation will have a strata scheme in place and be subject to strata regulations. Strata law covers a variety of complex types including residential, commercial, resorts and retirement villages.

If you are planning to develop a strata complex, you will need a lawyer with experience in strata law and community title. Whether you are a unit owner, a developer or community association, a strata lawyer can assist with your legal needs. We have a network of lawyers with expert knowledge in strata law that operate on a fixed-fee basis.

Why do I need a Strata Lawyer?

When you are living or working within a strata complex you are subject to a series of by-laws and rules. Without proper legal advice and review, these regulations may be poorly written and difficult to understand. It is essential to have the right legal documents in place, clarifying the rights and obligations of lot owners and the owners corporation.

Each state and territory has its own strata legislation, schemes and regulations. As strata law is a complicated area of the law; it is imperative to engage with a lawyer that has expertise in strata management and community disputes. A lawyer with an in-depth knowledge of strata schemes relevant to your state or territory can help you better understand your legal rights and responsibilities.

When will I need a Strata Lawyer?

With any strata complex, issues can arise as to the individual and common ownership of property. These issues usually concern poor building management, community disputes, building defects and by-laws. The following are situations where you may need to seek advice from a lawyer with expertise in strata law:

  • If you are a complex developer requiring assistance with planning and development approvals;
  • If you are a developer or owners corporation, the drafting and amending of by-laws for a strata complex;
  • If you need an existing legal document reviewed, such as a contract, lease, licence or by-law;
  • If you need assistance with the registration of a strata scheme;
  • If you are a unit owner and would like to make renovations to your apartment;
  • If you need a caretaker agreement or an existing agreement reviewed;
  • If there are major defects and urgent repairs need to be made to the building or your apartment;
  • The resolution of strata and community disputes;
  • If you are seeking advice on strata law and community title.

As a unit owner, it is imperative to be aware of your legal rights and have the proper legal documents in place. Seeking advice from a lawyer with expertise in strata law will ensure legal compliance.

What will they provide?

Engaging a strata lawyer will ensure that you are provided with proper legal advice and have the right legal documents in place. A strata lawyer can assist with the development of strata complex by-laws, registration of a strata scheme and the resolution of community disputes. Our network of lawyers can also review and amend any existing legal documents.

How much will a Strata Lawyer Charge?

With the increased growth in strata developments across Australia, a variety of legal complexities have emerged. Engaging a strata lawyer will provide the appropriate support you will need to overcome any legal issues that may arise.

Our strata lawyers strictly work on a fixed-fee basis. We’ll provide you with fixed-price quotes from strata lawyers most suited to your needs.

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