What Is A Warranty Lawyer?

Warranty lawyers assist individuals and businesses in enforcing their consumer rights and guarantees. Warranty lawyers have an expert understanding of the Australian Consumer Law. These lawyers will provide professional advice about warranties offered by the person or business that sold a product or service to you. It is recommended you contact warranty lawyers if a person or business failed to perform a promise that was made to you either verbally or in writing about the quality (including defects) or standard of a good. For example, the person or business may make promises about:

  • What the good can do and how long it can last.
  • The overall quality, condition, characteristic or performance of a good.
  • The availability of servicing, supply of parts or identical goods.

If you believe an individual, business or supplier has breached the law by providing you products or services that falls below the standard that they promise to offer, it is prudent to consult with warranty lawyers.

Why Do I Need A Warranty Lawyer?

Warranty lawyers should be your first point of contact if you wish to enforce your consumer rights, which include rights to repairs, replacements and refunds. Expert warranty lawyers will investigate your situation and determine whether:

  • A warranty was made;
  • The period of the warranty;
  • If any terms and conditions apply that affect the warranty; and
  • Can a claim be brought against the individual, business or supplier.

Warranty lawyers understand it can be frustrating dealing with individuals, businesses and suppliers who refuse to allow you to enforce your consumer rights. In more complex situations where you have invested in a property to build a house and the builder has died, warranty lawyers can help you make a home warranty insurance claim. These lawyers will advise you about the process of lodging a complaint and making an appeal to the Consumer, Trader and Tenancy Tribunal.

Moreover, warranty lawyers can also help businesses identify risks associated with making certain warranties. Regardless of your situation, warranty lawyers have the legal training to analyse, interpret and apply the Australian Consumer Law, and with their advice, your issue can be effectively and quickly resolved.

How Much Will A Warranty Lawyer Charge?

Usually, warranty lawyers, and lawyers in general, charge either a fixed amount or an hourly rate. Also, fees are calculated based on the solicitor’s expertise, seniority, location and whether the work is urgent.

What Will A Warranty Lawyer Provide?

Warranty lawyers will provide effective solutions for individuals, businesses and suppliers that are specifically catered to their situation. While keeping their clients’ best interests in mind, warranty lawyers will commit to resolving your issue from beginning to end.

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