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Document Overview

A privacy policy is a document that covers how your business deals with personal information data. Depending on your business needs there are various privacy policies that you might use and it is often known by other names such as:

  • Responsible use of data policy.
  • Website privacy policy.
  • Privacy policy agreement.
  • Confidential information policy.

Use this Privacy Policy when:

  1. You would like to inform people how you collect, use and respect information data;
  2. You would like to be in compliance under Australian federal laws such as the Privacy Act; and
  3. You have created a website and require a privacy policy (please note, if you’re after a more general-purpose privacy policy applicable to offline avenues, please see Lawpath’s ‘Offline Privacy Policy‘).

What does the Privacy Policy cover?

  • how personal information data and sensitive information is collected;
  • what the personal information is used for;
  • how the personal information data is stored and managed; and
  • the kind of control and rights that customers have over their personal information.

I have an app or a website on a third party platform. Am I required to have a Privacy Policy ?

It is compulsory for those who either have a mobile app or desktop app to have a Privacy Policy to be in compliance under Australian federal laws, especially those which leverage Google Adsense.

Desktop apps can use this Privacy Policy template for compliance. Mobile App developers can use a specific Mobile App Privacy Policy – on the Lawpath platform – for compliance.

However, if you are unsure on whether your business is compliant with applicable privacy policies, contact us for more information.

As of late 2018, most third party platforms that allow individual vendors to set up their own business recommend the use of a Privacy Policy, if the individual vendor collects personal data. For example, Amazon requires website owners to post a Privacy Policy agreement if they use any of their services.

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