10 Lesser-Known Australian Inventions Used Every Day

When you stop and think about it, Australians really are a creative bunch of people. We’ve made some phenomenal contributions to the world, including the electronic pacemaker, wifi, and even the technology behind Google Maps. However, there are hundreds of inventions that have been created Down Under that we often overlook, many of which we use daily. We want to bring further recognition to some of the lesser known Australian inventions, and have picked out 10 that will have you marvelling at homegrown innovation.

1. Garage Roller Door

With the invention of the garage roller door, Arthur Byrne, Paul Davison and Ray Willoughby became the dream team of 1955.Available to all in 1956, it became a household staple in houses across Australia before going global.

2. Splayd

No one likes the hassle of dealing with masses of cutlery and neither did William McArthur. Seeing many struggle to eat with the regular utensils, in 1943 he created the all-in-one fork and spoon to make eating at BBQs a lot easier.

3.The Power Board

Let there be light… and refrigeration, and air conditioning, and power to any other electronic device that needs it.

In 1972 with the increase of electronics used in the home more ports were needed to power such appliances so Frank Bannigan and Peter Talbot invented the multi-socket power board.

4. BlackBox Recorder

It’s impossible to think what’s become such an important invention almost didn’t happen because aviation companies thought it ‘unnecessary’.

Being inspired by the world’s first miniature recorder and a heart for electronics in 1958 David Warren combined the two to invent a machine that could turn on and off with the aircraft and go on to record total flights.

5. Ultrasound Scanner

In 1976 David Robinson and George Kossoff made it possible for all expecting parents to “meet” their unborn child before birth through their modernized and safer ultrasound scanner.

6. Cervical Cancer Vaccine and Gardasil

;In 1991, Professor Ian Frazer invented the “world’s second cancer preventing vaccine”. Frazer’s vaccine has attributed to considerable decreases to HPV and cervical cancer over the past two decades.

7. Raceacam

Giving a new perspective to all sport watchers alike, Australian Geoff Healey gave conceived the idea having a small camera attached to the inside of racecar drivers as they drove. His 1979 invention then his then lead the way for other small cameras to be used in other sports.

8. Military Tank

Where would action movies or entire countries be today without the invention of the tank?

A big thanks goes out to Australian Lancelot Eldin de Mole for creating the world’s first amored vehicle that track over any terrain, carry heavy supplies and could be used easily. It has entertained many but helped a lot more people too.

9. Cask Wine / Wine Cask

Uni students rejoice, the wine cask was the brainchild of an Australian!

Invented by South Australian Thomas Angove in 1965, this plastic sack facilitates the process in which liquids were carried and transported.

10. Dual Flush Toilet

Save the planet one flush at a time with a dual-flush toilet . Created by Australian Bruce Thompson to reserve water, this toilet uses two different amounts of water to rid solid and liquid waste.

In 1972 with the increase of electronics used in the home more ports were needed to power such appliances so Frank Bannigan and Peter Talbot invented the multi-socket power board.

Are there any homegrown inventions that you think we should add? Send us a tweet and let us know!  

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