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Lying on your resume to get a job is never a good idea. In fact obtaining employment through fraud can actually land you in jail.

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Uber has grown in popularity amongst both passengers and drivers. Find out in this guide what work rights you'll have as an Uber driver.
Positive workplace relationships are essential for engaging colleagues and boosting productivity. Find out how to foster them here.
Your enterprise agreement may form part of your employment contract. However, this depends on a range of factors. See more here.
Looking to employ a fixed term employee or renew their old contract? Find out here what fixed term contracts contain, and how to extend one.
Maintaining confidentiality in the workplace is important. Read on to learn how to protect your businesses confidential information.
For an employee unfair dismissal and general protections can seem like two sides of the same coin. Here, we break down how and when you should use them.

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Have you ever wondered if an employee's resignation without notice is legal? Find out in this article.
Resigning during probation might seem like a simple process. However, there’s more to it.
A notice period is a crucial time for you and your employer to prepare for your departure. Find out how long yours should be here.
There are several taxes that could apply to employee bonus payments. Find out what they are.

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