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A Power of Attorney can also be appointed to help manage the affairs of a company. Find out how a Company Power of Attorney works here.

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Have you been offered money with no conditions attached? Find out whether it amounts to an ex gratia payment here.
Shareholders and Equity holders can both be owners of a business, but these terms apply to different circumstances. Find out more in this guide.
The beginning of a new year is an ideal time to update your business's legal documents.
In the event something goes wrong as a Company Director, a Deed Indemnity can protect you.
Read about all key statistics from 2023 for small businesses in Australia: employment, industries and failure rates.
A company's internal affairs can be managed under both a company constitution and replaceable rules in the Corporations Act. Learn which is better here.

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While strategic alliances and joint ventures seem to have some similarities, in practice, they are very different. Find out how they differ.
Have you ever wondered whether you can run multiple businesses under one company? Read this article to find out.
Unsure what an invitation to treat is, or how it differs from an offer? This legal guide will answer some questions you might have.
Due to the rapid decline in cash use, you might wonder, can a business refuse cash in Australia? This article explains whether it is legal.
Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs) are legal documents which prevent one or both parties from releasing confidential information.

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