How to Start a Logo Design Business

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Logos are an integral part of a business’s marketing strategy and inspire loyalty in customers. Find out here how to start a logo design business.

What is Predatory Pricing?

Predatory pricing is an illegal pricing strategy in Australia. It is used to acquire new customers and damage competitors. Read our guide to find out more.

Understanding Document Retention Legal Requirements

Document management is a big part of modern business, as collections of internal and external data allow businesses to monitor their performance, maximise their marketing and meet compliance requirements. Once documents have served their initial use, it can be tricky knowing how long to store documents, especially given the costs of storing data in a secure manner. 

Indemnity Clauses: A Comprehensive Guide & Examples

Indemnity clauses are used in contracts between two parties to shift risk from one party to another. Understanding indemnities as an employer, employee, supplier or service provider is important, as indemnity clauses in a contract define what you may be liable for in specific circumstances. Knowing how to properly draft an indemnity clause in a […]