What Are Bad Debts and How Should You Deal with Them?

Not all debts are equal. Some debt can be good and some can be bad. Think of it outside of the business realm: people get into debt through student loans to attend university. Whilst this debt can lead to financial hardships, it is ultimately “good debt” as the degree means they can work once it’s […]

Executive Director vs Non-Executive Director: What’s The Difference?

Executive director vs non-executive directors, what are the differences between the two? In Australia, there are different types of directors which are assigned specific duties within the business. All directors in Australia have broad duties that are generic to any company such as the duty to prevent insolvency and duty to act in good faith […]

Decoding the Company Registration Certificate: What Every Business Owner Should Know

Company registration certificate. [Three individuals applauding, each becoming more blurry in distance]

Company Registration Certificates Have you undergone the steps of registering your company and need more information on Company Registration Certificates? Company Registration Certificates are central to a company’s existence as they prove the business is properly recognised under ASIC. This article will dive deeper into everything you need to know about Company Registration Certificates.  What […]