Celebrating 200,000 Users

It seems like yesterday that we were chuffed to announce we’d hit 100,000 users (in fact, it was a little over 18 months ago). Today we’re proud, excited and above all – thankful – to announce that we’ve hit 200,000 users. However, doubling our client base in less than 2 years wasn’t our doing – we have the hundreds of thousands of Australians who have chosen to trust in our product to thank for this. To commemorate, we’re going to take a step back, reflect on the journey that’s been, and what the future holds for Lawpath.

From 5,000 to 200,000

It’s no surprise that Australians of all stripes will need to access legal services at some point in their lifetime. Indeed when it comes to businesses, you can be certain that they’ll need legal help at some point in time. However, traditional ways of accessing legal advice seemed to be inaccessible for many businesses due to the cost. Having seen how platforms such as Xero and Canva changed the game in the accounting and design industries, we figured law wasn’t too far off experiencing a revolution of it’s own.

In 2013, Lawpath was launched to provide a direct, no-fuss way to access legal help online. First came the customisable legal documents (300+ and counting). Soon came the lawyer marketplace, which allows users to hire a fixed-price lawyer online. We knew as one of the first players on the market that there would be some hesitancy towards legal tech. However, we suspected that over time the ease, affordability and quality of the service would sell itself. By March 2019, we’d helped more than 80,000 Australians. By September of that year, more than 100,000 users had accessed legal help through Lawpath. 2020 also proved to be a busy (but also chaotic) year, where we unveiled our interactive search feature ‘Ask Lawpath’ and made our debut on the Deloitte Fast 50 list of the fastest growing tech companies in Australia.

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Legal plans

One of our biggest achievements came with the launch of our legal plans. These plans offer customers access to legal services such as documents, editing capabilities, eSignature, calls with a lawyer and legal contract reviews. For an annual fee, businesses can have complete legal protection all year round. Our team is making constant updates to the platform to make our users’ experience on the platform even better. Some recent additions we’ve made are our workflows, audit trail feature and document pre-fill capability. To keep up to date with our new releases, you can read our monthly product updates.

Industry Growth

Legal technology has continued to thrive and saw $1.23 billion raised globally in 2019. Reliance on digital platforms is increasing as more businesses move the bulk of their administration online. Most people and businesses alike expect to be able to manage their obligations online, whether this is banking, transport, shopping or legal. As online legal services become more popular in Australia, it’s not too ambitious to say that accessing law online will become the norm over the next decade.

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