Legal and Accounting Topics covered in Advice Plans

Unlock the full potential of your Lawpath subscription with our game-changing Discovery Session! Within the Discovery Session, you will have the opportunity to have open-ended discussions with our seasoned lawyers and accountants allowing for them to understand the unique aspects of your business. 

Whether you’re unsure about how to navigate legal hurdles or unclear about optimising your accounting strategies, the Discovery Session will serve as a personalised roadmap to guide you in ensuring that your business is legally compliant. You’ll gain insights into the legal and accounting topics that will best serve your business, maximizing the value of the unlimited advice consultations included in your subscription. Consider it a business health check-up, a consultation where we identify the right advice and steps tailored just for you!

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There are a myriad of legal topics that you are able to discuss within the consultations including your plan. Read on for some ideas of what we can cover.

Company Law 

Navigating the complexities of company law can be daunting for any business owner. That’s where Lawpath comes in. Our comprehensive suite of services—ranging from Company/Business Incorporation to Business Sale and Purchase—empowers you to make informed decisions that are legally sound. Whether you’re contemplating a new partnership, pondering business restructuring, or looking for guidance on shareholder agreements, we’ve got you covered.

  • Company/Business Incorporation 
  • Business structure review 
  • Setting up and managing trusts
  • Shareholder Agreements
  • Considering or currently involved in a partnership 
  • Director Requirements
  • Business restructuring
  • General Corporate Compliance 
  • Business Sale and Purchase

Ask us questions such as: 

  • What are the benefits of having a trust? How do I set one up?
  • How do I bring on board a cofounder?
  • How do I structure my business if I have multiple entities?
  • Should I consider a dual company structure?

Contract/Document Review

In today’s fast-paced business environment, contracts and legal documents are the backbone of any operation. But understanding and creating these documents can be complex and time-consuming. Enter Lawpath. We simplify the entire process, offering customised solutions for a myriad of essential documents— from Website Terms and Conditions to NDIS Agreements. Whether you’re an e-commerce startup needing a Privacy Policy or an established business negotiating Service Agreements, we’ve got you covered. Our user-friendly platform allows for quick document creation, review, and e-signatures, all backed by expert legal advice. 

  • Website terms and conditions 
  • Privacy policy
  • Service Agreements
  • Notice of demand 
  • NDIS Agreements

Employment and HR

Managing your workforce is crucial to business success, but it’s a landscape fraught with legal complexities. That’s where Lawpath comes in. Our tailored solutions for employment and HR topics ensure you navigate these waters with confidence and compliance. Whether you’re hiring new talent, contemplating employee terminations, or seeking to understand your obligations as an employer, we provide the legal clarity you need. From customisable Employment Contracts to in-depth Workplace Policies and Handbooks, we offer a one-stop shop for all your HR legal requirements. Our platform also answers your pressing questions, such as the pros and cons of hiring employees versus contractors or how to protect your business from unnecessary terminations. 

  • Hiring a new employee or contractor
  • Terminating an employee
  • Working out obligations as an employer
  • Employee Share Option
  • Employee Policies/Handbooks
  • Employment contracts

Ask us questions such as:  

  • How do I find the right award for my employees?
  • What is the benefit of employees versus contractors?
  • How can I protect my business from unhappy employees or unnecessary terminations? 
  • What terms should be included in future contracts to protect my business? 

Debt Recovery

Dealing with debt recovery is often a stressful, yet inevitable part of doing business. With Lawpath, you can take the guesswork and hassle out of the process, ensuring you recover what’s owed to you in a legally compliant manner. Our specialised services provide a step-by-step guide to recovering your money. Choose Lawpath, and transform debt recovery from a business pain point to a streamlined process that keeps your cash flow healthy and your business robust.

  • Recover money owed
  • Letter for money owed

Intellectual Property Law 

In today’s competitive marketplace, your intellectual property isn’t just an asset—it’s the lifeblood of your business. With Lawpath, safeguarding this crucial element becomes easier than ever. We offer an array of services tailored to cover every aspect of intellectual property law, from General Trademark Inquiries to intricate Media and Entertainment law issues. Whether you’re considering trademarking your products or services, aiming to secure a Non-Disclosure Agreement with third parties, or wondering how to copyright your latest innovation, we’re here to guide you. Our user-friendly platform makes complex legal processes straightforward, all while offering expert legal advice tailored to your business’s unique needs. 

  • General trademark inquiries
  • Trademarking goods and services
  • Protecting the intellectual property of your business
  • Assigning intellectual property 
  • Non-disclosure agreements with a third party
  • Copyrighting a business idea
  • Media and Entertainment 

Ask us questions such as: 

  • What Intellectual Property is unique to my business?
  • How do I register a trademark?
  • How do I make sure my brand, logos and IP remain mine? 

Property Law

Property and asset management can make or break your business, especially when legal intricacies are involved. That’s why Lawpath is committed to offering top-tier services that cater to your unique property law needs. Whether you’re looking to safeguard your valuable assets or need a keen eye to review your commercial lease agreements, Lawpath is the partner you can trust. 

  • Business asset protection
  • Commercial lease review (specific States only – only NSW, VIC and QLD) 

Start up Law 

Launching a startup is exhilarating, but the journey comes with its own set of legal complexities. That’s where Lawpath steps in. We specialise in startup law, providing invaluable services that span from Funding and Capital Raising to Investments and Share Vesting. Whether you’re navigating the intricacies of Convertible Notes (SAFE), planning Seed Funding rounds, or setting up an ESOP, we’re your go-to legal resource. Our platform is designed to make complex legal tasks simple and efficient, enabling you to meet your legal obligations while focusing on growth and innovation. Got questions? Our experts are ready to dive into the nitty-gritty, such as drawing up a vesting agreement or integrating an ESOP into your business model. Choose Lawpath, and give your startup the strong legal foundation it needs to soar.

  • Funding
  • Capital raising 
  • Convertible notes (SAFE) 
  • Seed funding
  • Share vesting
  • ESOP
  • Investments 

Ask us questions such as: 

  • How do I draw up a vesting Agreement?
  • Will and ESOP work with my current business model?
  • I want to add more shares and bring more Shareholders and investors on board. 

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The Accounting Topics We Cover

Tax Planning and Minimisation

Tax planning and minimisation are critical yet often overlooked aspects of business management. With Lawpath, you can take control of your financial destiny, ensuring your business not only meets its accounting obligations but thrives. Our comprehensive services cover everything from Strategies for Company Tax Reduction to reviewing your Profit and Loss statement for tax estimates. Whether you’re a solo entrepreneur looking for individual tax reduction strategies or a corporation aiming for more general, broad tax-saving techniques, we’ve got you covered. Our platform simplifies the complexity of tax planning, offering actionable advice backed by expert consultation. With Lawpath, you’re not just ticking boxes; you’re strategically positioning your business for financial success.

  • Strategies for Company Tax reduction
  • Strategies for Individual Tax reduction
  • General/broad strategies, no specifics
  • Reviewing P&L for tax estimates

GST Advice

Navigating the maze of GST can be challenging, but it’s a crucial part of maintaining a compliant and efficient business. That’s why Lawpath offers specialised GST advice tailored to your specific needs. Whether you’re uncertain about when to register for GST, deliberating on the pros and cons of registering at the threshold, or facing unique challenges like delayed income, we’ve got you covered. Our platform is designed to demystify GST, offering both general guidance and case-specific advice, all backed by seasoned experts. This ensures you make informed choices that not only meet accounting requirements but also optimise your tax position. 

  • When to register for GST
  • Considerations for registering at the threshold
  • Case-specific advice for unique situations like delayed income


Accurate bookkeeping is the cornerstone of a financially healthy business, but the complexities can often be overwhelming. Lawpath is here to simplify that process for you. Our range of bookkeeping services includes specialised advice on diverse topics such as recognising the purchase of a Motor Vehicle through a Hire Purchase Agreement, or coding transactions involving money transfers into your company. Our platform provides a straightforward way to navigate these complex tasks, backed by expert advice to ensure compliance and accuracy. Choose Lawpath, and make your bookkeeping an asset, not an obstacle.

  • Recognising the purchase of a Motor Vehicle financed through a Hire Purchase Agreement
  • Coding transactions involving money transfers into the company

Business Structuring Advice

Choosing the right business structure is a pivotal decision that impacts everything from taxation to liability and beyond. With Lawpath, you get expert advice tailored to your unique needs, ensuring your structure not only meets accounting requirements but also fuels your business goals. Our services range from providing general information on different entity types to offering situationally specific structuring advice billed at a project rate. This means you get personalised, actionable insights without any one-size-fits-all approaches. Our platform makes it easy to understand your options and the financial implications of each, allowing you to focus on what you do best—running your business. 

  • General information on different entity types
  • Situationally specific Structuring Advice billed at a project rate

Tax Concessions

Tax concessions can be a game-changer for your business, but navigating the complex rules and requirements can be daunting. That’s where Lawpath comes in. Our specialised advice on tax concessions empowers you to make smarter financial choices, whether it’s understanding what is tax-deductible, distinguishing between business and private expenses, or maximising Equipment and Business Motor Vehicle tax deductions. We break down the complexities into easy-to-understand, actionable insights, helping you not only meet your accounting requirements but also optimise your tax position. 

  • Understanding what is tax-deductible
  • Specific rules for business vs private expenses
  • Equipment and Business Motor Vehicle tax deductions

Accounting Software Queries (Xero/MYOB)

In today’s fast-paced business world, efficient accounting software like Xero and MYOB is non-negotiable. But what if you encounter issues or have questions? Lawpath has you covered. We offer expert advice on accounting software queries, empowering you to take full advantage of features like issuing invoices, viewing monthly profit, and running financial reports. With us, you’re not just meeting accounting requirements; you’re elevating your business’s financial management. Our platform provides quick and clear answers to your software-related questions, backed by seasoned financial experts. 

  • Issuing invoices
  • Viewing monthly profit
  • Running financial reports 

Payroll Processing Queries

Effective payroll management is more than just cutting checks; it’s about ensuring compliance and efficiency in your business operations. Lawpath specialises in offering expert advice on payroll processing queries, specifically tailored to Xero/MYOB functionalities. We empower you to seamlessly navigate through the intricacies of payroll software, allowing you to focus more on growing your business and less on administrative hurdles. From setting up payroll configurations to generating reports, our platform provides actionable insights that meet accounting standards and improve operational efficiency. 

  • Specific to Xero/MYOB functionalities


Navigating the maze of superannuation regulations can be complex, but it’s crucial for compliance and a harmonious workplace. Lawpath simplifies this for you, providing expert guidance on key aspects like how to pay super, understanding deadlines, and determining eligibility for employees and contractors. With us, you don’t just meet your accounting requirements—you exceed them, mitigating risks and optimising your financial strategies. 

  • How to pay super
  • Superannuation deadlines
  • Eligibility for employees & contractors


Trusts can be a powerful vehicle for protecting assets and optimising tax strategies, but they can be complex to set up and manage. That’s where Lawpath steps in. Our comprehensive advice on trusts demystifies this complex area, making it accessible and beneficial for your business. We cover everything from the benefits of having a trust to the nitty-gritty of how trusts work, helping you meet not just accounting requirements but also elevating your financial strategy. Our platform takes a jargon-free approach, delivering expert advice in plain language that makes sense for your business. 

  • Benefits of a trust
  • How trusts work

Reporting Payroll to ATO

Reporting payroll to the ATO is more than just a requirement; it’s a fundamental aspect of running a compliant and successful business. Lawpath streamlines this often daunting process, specifically focusing on understanding STP (Single Touch Payroll). With our expert guidance, you won’t just meet the ATO’s accounting requirements—you’ll master them. Got questions about STP? We have the answers, backed by experienced financial experts who can turn payroll reporting from a tedious task into a streamlined process. 

  • Understanding STP (Single Touch Payroll)

Paying Self as a Director

Determining how to pay yourself as a director is not just a matter of personal compensation—it’s a strategic decision with accounting and tax implications for your business. Lawpath offers expert advice tailored to this unique scenario, focusing on different methods and their corresponding implications. With us, you’ll not only comply with accounting standards but also optimise your financial strategy. 

  • Different methods and their implications

Crypto Tax

In the rapidly evolving world of cryptocurrency, navigating the tax landscape can be a minefield of complexity. That’s why Lawpath is here to guide you every step of the way. We offer clear, concise advice on cryptocurrency tax, enabling you to meet all accounting requirements and make informed decisions. For an additional fee of just $399, we go the extra mile by lodging your crypto tax return, giving you peace of mind and saving you valuable time. Don’t let uncertainty cloud your financial strategy; our experts distill the complicated tax rules into actionable insights, allowing you to focus on what matters most—growing your business. Choose Lawpath, and make crypto tax compliance an asset, not an obstacle.

  • General advice on cryptocurrency tax
  • Additional fee of $399 for lodging return

Capital Gains

Navigating the intricacies of Capital Gains Tax (CGT) can be a daunting task for any business owner. But with Lawpath, you gain a trusted partner who simplifies the complex. We’ll help you understand when a CGT event is triggered and inform you about available concessions to minimise your tax liability. Our expertise translates to real savings and smarter financial decisions, ensuring that your accounting requirements are not just met, but optimised. Why leave your capital gains to chance when you can have tailored, strategic advice? Turn your tax obligations into opportunities with Lawpath, and let us help you make the most of your assets. Choose Lawpath today for clarity, compliance, and a brighter financial future.

  • When is a CGT event triggered
  • Availability of concessions

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