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Guide to Online Advertising Objectives

Guide to Online Advertising Objectives

Online advertising objectives vary from increasing conversion to promoting brand awareness. Read more about the benefits of online ads.

16th August 2021
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Advertising your business is key to get your business name out there. In particular, online advertising is essential to grow and market your business effectively in today’s world. Online advertising objectives can range from increasing sales, brand awareness, conversion rate and engaging more customers. Since more and more businesses are starting to utilise the power of online advertising, you might be seeking to hop on the trend.

First, what is online advertising?

Online advertising is a data-driven, targeted marketing activity conducted through digital platforms. It can be highly customised, allowing businesses to reach more specific audiences that have a higher chance of engaging with their products and services.

Note, there are so many various benefits of online advertising. So let’s dive deeper into its benefits learn about the 5 key online advertising objectives:

1) Promotes online engagement for consumers

There’s no denying that most people these days spend their free time scrolling through their phones. Millions of people are online over the world, looking for something to grab their attention and pass time. Hence your business should take advantage of this fact and start online advertising!

2) Online advertising objective is to be highly targeted

The nature of online advertising allows businesses to easily track their customers and analyse customers’ buying behaviour. Businesses can set advertisements to show up on the screens of targeted audiences. This is more effective than your ads showing on the screens of random people that may not even give your business a second glance. The algorithm-based nature of digital platforms allows you to advertise according to the consumers’:

  • Type of personality
  • Interests
  • Browse time
  • Age groups
  • Gender and more

This is one of the key reasons behind why businesses are converting their marketing strategy online, over traditional magazine or newspaper marketing.

3) Creates brand awareness

As a business, you want to put your brand name out there as much as possible. How else will you survive amongst your competitors? It’s a key online advertising objective to have people remember your brand and its services and products. So, online advertising is a great way to start off and interact with many different consumers across the world.

4) Increases customer reach

By creating brand awareness and highly targeted advertisements, more customers are guaranteed to engage with your business. Read Why You Should Implement a Digital Marketing Strategy which reveals that more than 8.2 million Australians have purchased/visited a business after seeing content advertised on social media platform. Thus the effectiveness of targeted online advertising in increasing customer reach is so clear!

5) Can lead to a higher conversion rate

With more people clicking on your business facebook page or website, there’s also a higher chance of increasing your conversion rate. This can be the customer actually purchasing your product or service or even just signing up their email for a subscription. Either way, when there are more targeted audiences visiting your webpage, there’s an increased probability of your business’ services catching people’s eye.

Key Takeaways

As a business owner, you should evolve to the trends and changes in the marketing world. With more businesses starting to utilise the power of digital platforms, you should be seeking to also advertise online. The 5 online advertising objectives: promoting online engagement, creating targeted ads and increasing brand awareness, customer reach and conversion show how effective online ads can be. If you were looking for a way to enhance your business, starting online advertisements may be exactly what you needed!

Julie Hwang

Julie is a Legal Technology Intern at Lawpath. She is currently studying Bachelor of Laws and Commerce at the University of Sydney. She's interested in how technology can shape the future legal industry.