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Having a giveaway is a great way to promote your business. However, it's important to understand the laws around promotional giveaways. Read more to learn about giveaway laws in Australia.

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An operational plan can help you strategise and put your business's ideas into practice. Find out how to prepare one in this article.
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Is a 'private company' structure right for your business?
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A partnership is one of the three main types of business structures. But can a partner borrow money from the partnership once it is formed?
Australian companies are required to have a separate bank account for their business's finances. Find out how to open a company bank account here.

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'Pty Ltd' and 'Ltd' are suffixes used at the end of company names to indicate their scope of liability. Find out more in this article.
Sometimes, you may have second thoughts about entering into an agreement with another person. Read on to find out when it is possible to cancel a contract after signing it.
ABN holders can register two (or more) business names, as long as they are under the same business structure. Find out more in this guide.
Misplaced or forgotten your Tax File Number (TFN)? Read this article to learn ways you can find out your tax file number.

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