Decoding the Company Registration Certificate: What Every Business Owner Should Know

Company registration certificate. [Three individuals applauding, each becoming more blurry in distance]

Company Registration Certificates Have you undergone the steps of registering your company and need more information on Company Registration Certificates? Company Registration Certificates are central to a company’s existence as they prove the business is properly recognised under ASIC. This article will dive deeper into everything you need to know about Company Registration Certificates.  What […]

Executive Director vs Non-Executive Director: What’s The Difference?

Executive director vs non-executive directors, what are the differences between the two? In Australia, there are different types of directors which are assigned specific duties within the business. All directors in Australia have broad duties that are generic to any company such as the duty to prevent insolvency and duty to act in good faith […]

How To Build The Ultimate Legal LLM Stack

The legal industry is ripe for disruption with the advent of advanced language models and AI. It is clear that those who embrace this technology will have a competitive advantage in the marketplace, and be better positioned to drive positive change for users. The possibilities for LLMs are endless and we are excited to see what the future holds as these technologies continue to advance.