Lawpath Company Compliance Plan

Manage your company updates and ensure year-round compliance with Lawpath. Year-round corporate compliance with Lawpath’s ASIC Compliance Plan

Why use our Company Compliance Plan?

Company Changes

If any of your company details change, including address, shareholders, directors or share price, you must notify the Australian Securities & Investments Commission (ASIC) within 28 days to avoid penalty fees.
Lawpath can make company changes on your behalf and provide you with all the necessary documentation.

Company Renewals

With Lawpath’s ASIC Compliance Plan, we’ll ensure that your company remains compliant and avoids late fees. Each year you will be sent your annual company statement accompanied with a legally drafted solvency resolution to show that your company remains active. (Government fees not included).

Company compliance account manager

Our company administration experts are on call to assist with changing company or shareholder details, transferring shares within your company, issuing new shares, or changing price per share.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Simply contact your Lawpath account manager to process any company changes via email or the Lawpath live chat.

The company changes covered by the plan are the following listed under ASIC Form 484;

  • Change of address
  • Appoint or cease officeholder
  • Change of name for officeholders or members
  • Change of share structure
  • Change of members’ register
The ASIC Compliance Plan does not include legal advice. Any advice regarding these changes is general in nature.

The plan does not include payment for any government fees incurred prior to and through the duration of the plan.

The plan also does not cover changes to ultimate holding company details, changes to the company name, change of legal element, or any change in company status (for example special purpose).
Company changes must be reported within 28 days of the change being made. Companies that fail to report within this period will receive late fees issued by ASIC. The cost of these late fees will vary depending on the period, either one month late or more than one month late. Any late fees issued by ASIC are not covered by the plan.
All companies in Australia are required to pay an annual review fee. This is due and payable upon the company’s review date. You must pay the review fee to ensure your company remains registered. If you do not pay the review fee within the relevant period, you may be required to pay additional fees. Any review fees or additional fees issued by ASIC are not covered by this plan.

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